Recording Brother in Visakhapatnam taking care of 9 ecclesiae

The Recording Brother in Visakhapatnam (nicknamed Vizag),  city and port, northeastern Andhra Pradesh state, southern India and of the ecclesia at Old Gajuwaka, is taking care of 9 ecclesiae.

Visakhapatnam’s natural harbour

Lying on a small embayment of the Bay of Bengal, about 380 miles (610 km) northeast of Chennai in Tamil Nadu state. Visakhapatnam is a major commercial and administrative centre with road, rail, and air connections. Its port is the only protected harbour on the Coromandel Coast, and the city is the headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy. It is theis the principal commercial hub of the state and is administrative headquarters of Visakhapatnam district and also the Financial Capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Having been considered part of the Kalinga region the city is often known as The Jewel of the East Coast, The City of Destiny and the Goa of the East Coast.

Hindu texts state that during the fifth century BCE, the Visakhapatnam region was part of Kalinga territory, which extended to the Godavari River and rose to prominence under Kharavela, dated with some debate to the 1st century bce. Relics found in the area also prove the existence of a Buddhist empire in the region. Kalinga later lost the territory to King Ashoka in the bloodiest battle of its time, which prompted Ashoka to embrace Buddhism. With the ports of Kakinada, Visakhapatnam, and Srikakulam (Chicacole) and the important cities of Rajahmundry and Vizianagaram — all now in Andhra Pradesh — Kalinga conducted a rich seaborne trade with Burma (now Myanmar) and areas still farther south and east. It was mentioned by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder.

Visakhapatnam is surrounded by ancient Buddhist sites, most of which have been excavated recently and illustrate the legacy of Buddhism in the region.

In Kalinga Anantavarman Chodnagagadeva was particularly renowned; he built the temple of Jagannatha at Puri (now in eastern Odisha). That temple came under the protection of the Eastern Gangas, and the god was treated as their landlord. The famous temple of the sun god at Konark was built in the 13th century by Narasimha I. Between 1238 and 1305 the Eastern Gangas successfully withstood Muslim infiltration from the north, but the dynasty collapsed when the sultan of Delhi penetrated Kalinga from the south in 1324.

Aerial view of Beach Road at Visakhapatnam city

In India the centre of gravity is shifting away from the West and more towards Asia and Africa. Last year our brother Sean Barry did not get the opportunity to visit the brethren in Hyderabad but made contact with Tim Galbraith who got everything started in India about 40 years ago.

In Visakhapatnam everything is so new and fresh and their enthusiasm puts us to shame a bit.

The Christadelphian area always there to help people with their education. ASIS an educational services company that specialises in pupil and student recruitment for British schools and universities.ASIS and also facilitates teacher training programmes for schools outside the UK will be a good asset to place Indian boys and girls and to give them opportunities to go to Europe.

For the Christadelphians it is important that as many in India can get a good education and can offer a curriculum which will have a broad range of subjects to choose from including the CBSE, but are not afraid for education in religion and activities like meditation. The curriculum of the ASIS Anglo Schools which deals with a lot of international developments and could help students understand the world through a global perspective.

Christadelphians also take care of false orphanages. today it still happens that Hindoo parents leave their children to fend for themselves in Orphanages, i.e., they “orphan” them even when such kids are not technically orphans. Such abandoned children, many who also come to live on the streets and often are victim of drugs and prostitution, need guidance and have to be taken care so that they can become part of a better future for India.

Charminar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India [Credit: L. Werner/Superstock]
Charminar , Hyderabad located on the Musi River in the heart of the Telangana Plateau, a major upland region of the Deccan (peninsular India). From 1956 to 2014 Hyderabad was the capital of Andhra Pradesh state, but, with the creation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh in 2014, it was redesignated as the capital of both states. {Encyclopaedia Britannica}
The brothers working over there receive no governmental aid and have to do it with the income from gifts form the ecclesiae abroad and from the publications printed and offering work to Indians in Hyderabad, Telangana’s largest and most-populous city and the major urban centre for all of south-central interior India.


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