2016 Ontario Christadelphian Bible Camp

For the community of Brothers an Sisters in Christ it is important that people come together to study the Word of God. Summertime might be a very good occasion to combine Bible study with togetherness and having fun together.

General InformationAt the Ontario Christadelphian Bible Camp the beauty of God’s natural creation with a focus on our families can be combined ideally.

Serving the community for more than 25 years this year again the Ontarian brothers and sisters shall encourage a spirit of family unity for parents, teens, children, and elders alike. They invite you to join them in a week of prayer, singing, Bible study, fellowship, and worship in the midst of God’s handiwork.

big-familyThey shall present programs for 3-4, 5-7, 8-9, 10-12, 13+ or young adults and to seniors.

The daily schedule is typical of any Bible School, with 3 classes in the morning, afternoon recreation time, and an evening assembly. Afternoon activities are planned to encourage us to enjoy each other’s company as a spiritual family. The evening program begins with Bible games for the children and concludes with a lecture geared toward the teens and adults.

Camp StarlightFive years ago God blessed OCBC with a beautiful venue — Camp Starlight, in Starlight, PA. The 385-acre campus includes its own private lake and is surrounded by the “endless mountains” of Pennsylvania. The setting seems perfect for OCBC’s new beginning and your opportunity to start a new family tradition and create a lifetime of memories.

Meals are served family style and each evening is wrapped up with cold refreshments, a young-people’s devotion, and a campfire.

Registration will begin at 1:00 on Sunday, August 14 with dinner served at 6:00. Evening program will include a memorial service and will commence at 7:30. The Bible school will conclude with lunch and good-byes on Friday, August 19.

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