Life’s Big Questions, distribution and Google Adwords

For the end of 2015, beginning 2016 the Belgian and Dutch Brethren send to their subscribers of the magazine “Met Open Bijbel” a free copy of the dvd Life’s Big Questions.

To be honest did we not receive any reaction from the people to whom we had send it as a New Years gift. We only can hope they make use of this nice work which was provided with subtitles in Dutch.


LBQ logoA big thank you to those who responded to the Life’s Big Questions appeal in 2012 for funds for advertising the websites and for the cost of sending out the DVDs and literature.
This has financed “Google Adwords” advertising resulting in 23,035 visits to the LBQ website. Their adverts have been shown 5,614,628 times. The cost per visit to the site is about 8p.
In that time there have been over 300 applications for DVDs and literature.
The money generously contributed in 2012 is now all spent, so the folks of Life's Big Questions are appealing again for financial assistance to enable this kind of work to continue, God willing.

There is now launched a major upgrade of the Evidences website
The new site is compatible with all the current ways people look at websites. The site features short DVDs outlining the content of each section. There are also Audio files giving the content of each section.

Once again there are plans to use “Google Adwords” to publicise the site.

The “Life’s Big Questions” and “Learn to Read the Bible Effectively” sites will be similarly upgraded

So we again invite individual brethren and sisters and ecclesias to contribute towards these advertising costs and the cost of sending out the DVDs and literature.
Regular or one-off contributions can be made to the NE ALS treasurer, Bro John Murgatroyd
(details on page 14 of 2016 ALS Diary).

Please let Bro John know that your contribution is for the Life’s Big Questions / Evidences project.
The NE ALS Bank account name is CALSNE BRANCH
Account no 44720903, sort code 090155
Contributions can also be made by Paypal - account

We pray for God’s blessing on all of our efforts to spread the knowledge of his plan for our world.

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