Just One More Minute

Let us not waste too many minutes and use some of the minutes to the right Person and for the right cause.

From 2016 June 14 onward the “thoughts“, “thoughts for the day” and reflections shall be placed under “reflection text” on the previous Christadelphian World, now Our World.

We do hope you shall be able to find some minutes a day available to reflect and to think about certain sayings.


As such you may very short texts like Sinning because being a sinner,  Do not give leftovers for GodDetermined To Stick With TruthCreated to live in relation with God, or longer ones like Sow and harvests in the garden of your heart.



Wordsmith's Desk


How precious is a minute?

Hear the plea, “Oh, for just one more minute.”

Words left unspoken…intentions left undone…

“Oh, for just one more minute.”

How precious is a minute?

So much more than we realize…

until it’s gone.


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