the Bible – God’s guide for life #2 Needs in life

What do we need in life?

Health. Peace. Food. Love. Freedom. Warmth. Hope. I suppose one of these would come top of most people’s list of what they most need in life. If instead of need we asked what do we most want in life the answers could be quite different. Perhaps more about possessions or pleasures. We all need some of these of course, but often they do not give the lasting satisfaction hoped for and might in fact get in the way of fulfilling deeper needs. We have only to think of people who have suddenly come into money and been able buy lots of things only to find relationships suffer and anxieties increase.

Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Important as physical needs are for survival we will be thinking mostly about emotional and spiritual ones. Bertrand Russell’s daughter once said of her atheistic father that there was something missing from his life; that he had a sort of “God-shaped hole” in him that never got filled. There is something in this idea, that there is an innate longing for the divine in each of us which, if unacknowledged or rejected, means a part of us is left unsatisfied. No doubt non-believers would say their lives are every bit as fulfilled as those with a faith but perhaps that is because the idea of a ‘God-shaped hole’ doesn’t go far enough: in fact it should be stood on its head. There is a place for us in God and we have to be shaped for it. We were not made out of curiosity or experiment, but for a reason. God wanted to share his creation with living, understanding beings. He did not want to be alone in the universe. Now that is a tremendous thought, that the Creator of heaven and earth wants to have a relationship with people, but that is what you are being called to and what your life can lead you to.

Now this is not some magical or otherworldly experience. It is based on understanding what God wants from us, why he wants it and how we can respond. It is something as ordinary as a book that is our guide to these things – although, as books go, the Bible is extraordinary! This seminar series will look at how it can be a guide to the life we have yet to live, one that is centred on God. The topics for each week are linked and as each is considered we shall find just how God wants to lead us into what Jesus called “abundant life” and how our needs can be met in him.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.



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