You shall howl in your latter end

Readings to At the end of your life

Pro 5:1-23 The Scriptures 1998+  (1)  My son, listen to my wisdom; Incline your ear to my understanding,  (2)  So as to watch over discretion, And your lips guard knowledge.  (3)  For the lips of a strange woman drip honey, And her mouth is smoother than oil;  (4)  But in the end she is bitter as wormwood, Sharp as a two-edged sword.  (5)  Her feet go down to death, Her steps lay hold of the grave.  (6)  She does not consider the path of life; Her ways are unstable – you do not know it.  (7)  So now, listen to me, you children, And do not turn away from the words of my mouth.  (8)  Keep your way far from her, And do not come near the door of her house,  (9)  Lest you give your splendour to others, And your years to one who is cruel;  (10)  Lest strangers be filled with your strength, And your labours go to the house of a foreigner.  (11)  Then you shall howl in your latter end, When your flesh and your body are consumed,  (12)  And shall say, “How I have hated discipline, And my heart has despised reproof!  (13)  “And I have not heeded the voice of my teachers, And I have not inclined my ear to those who instructed me!  (14)  “In a little while I was in all evil, In the midst of an assembly and a congregation.”  (15)  Drink water from your own cistern, And running water from your own well.  (16)  Should your springs be scattered abroad, Rivers of water in the streets?  (17)  And not for strangers with you.  (18)  Let your fountain be blessed, And rejoice with the wife of your youth –  (19)  A loving deer and a pleasant doe! Let her breasts satisfy you at all times. And be captivated by her love always.  (20)  For why should you, my son, Be captivated by a strange woman, And embrace the bosom of a foreigner?  (21)  For the ways of man Are before the eyes of יהוה {Jehovah}, And He considers all his paths.  (22)  The wrong one is entrapped In his own crookednesses, And he is caught in the cords of his sin.  (23)  He dies for lack of discipline, And in the greatness of his folly He goes astray.


Rev 21:8 The Scriptures 1998+  (8)  “But as for the cowardly, and untrustworthy, and abominable, and murderers, and those who whore, and drug sorcerers, and idolaters, and all the false, their part is in the lake which burns with fire and sulphur, which is the second death.”

Pro 7:23 The Scriptures 1998+  (23)  Till an arrow strikes through his liver; Like a bird rushing into a snare, And did not know it would take his life.

Deu 32:29 The Scriptures 1998+  (29)  “If they were wise, They would understand this, They would consider their latter end!

Rom 6:16-23 The Scriptures 1998+  (16)  Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves servants for obedience, you are servants of the one whom you obey, whether of sin to death, or of obedience to righteousness?  (17)  But thanks to Elohim that you were servants of sin, yet you obeyed from the heart that form of teaching to which you were entrusted.  (18)  And having been set free from sin, you became servants of righteousness.  (19)  I speak as a man, because of the weakness of your flesh. For even as you did present your members as servants of uncleanness, and of lawlessness resulting in lawlessness, so now present your members as servants of righteousness resulting in set-apartness.  (20)  For when you were servants of sin, you were free from righteousness.  (21)  What fruit, therefore, were you having then, over which you are now ashamed? For the end thereof is death.  (22)  But now, having been set free from sin, and having become servants of Elohim, you have your fruit resulting in set-apartness, and the end, everlasting life.  (23)  For the wages of sin is death, but the favourable gift of Elohim is everlasting life in Messiah יהושע  {Jehsua} our Master.

Psa 11:4-7 The Scriptures 1998+  (4)  יהוה  {Jehovah} is in His set-apart Hĕḵal, The throne of  יהוה  {Jehovah} is in the heavens. His eyes see, His eyelids examine the sons of men.  (5)   יהוה  {Jehovah} tries the righteous, But His being shall hate the wrong And the one who loves violence.  (6)  Upon the wrong He rains snares, Fire and sulphur and a scorching wind Are the portion of their cup.  (7)  For  יהוה  {Jehovah} is righteous, He has loved righteousness; The upright shall see His face.

Jer 17:10 The Scriptures 1998+  (10)  “I, יהוה  {Jehovah}, search the heart, I try the kidneys, and give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds.




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An old English-gentleman pester'd by servants ...
An old English-gentleman pester’d by servants wanting places, by James Gillray (died 1815), published 1809. See source website for additional information. This set of images was gathered by User:Dcoetzee from the National Portrait Gallery, London website using a special tool. All images in this batch have been confirmed as author died before 1939 according to the official death date listed by the NPG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Choose Positivity (
    The world is full of negativity. I’m sure you’ve experienced your share as well. Amidst the lies that exaggerates fear, it is very much essential to trust on the God whose name is Jehovah El Elohim; which means The LORD God of Gods, the LORD, mighty, powerful, strong One over all.
  • Are There Few That Be Saved? (
    Those who ‘do not’ do their part…. striving, laboring, working hard, will ‘not’ enter into the Kingdom. Yahushua said some will seek to enter but will not be able to. In order to obtain the right to enter the Kingdom, we have something we must ‘do’. [poieō]
  • The Roman Centurion: ‘I Am Not Worthy’ (
    In Chapter 7 of the Book of Luke we hear of a man who was favored among the Jews. He was not of them, but he possessed a deep reverence and love for their God. He was a Roman Centurion and his belief and humility rightly offered unto the King of Kings and Lord of Lords infinitely  surpassed anything the chosen people of that day could muster.
  • The Roman Centurion: ‘I am not worthy’ (
    The Roman Centurion deeply understood something that so many in his day and our day are completely blind and ignorant of. The most essential and favorable position we may ever experience is to be in a state of grace and humility before God (in which all our sins and miseries have been paid for by the shed blood of the precious Savior). His Righteousness must be imputed unto us.
  • Wash Me, Savior, Or I Die (
    It’s hard sometimes to let go of our sins AND our righteous deedsin order to completely trust in God for our salvation.Did you know there is something about human nature that doesn’t want to do this? We want to somehow help God with our good deeds. And yet “all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6b).
  • Sackcloth And Ashes (
    Look, you fast for strife and contention, and to strike with the fist of wrongness. You do not fast as you do this day, to make your voice heard on high.
  • The Word of Christ (
    If we wish to enter our rest with the Father and Son Jesus, we must consider the Word of God and its benefits. In the perfect Love of God we see that Love here in this verse, it is able to do that perfect work in our lives, that will carry us to eternity with our Lord.
    In its action towards the unbeliever the Gospel is able to even divide soul and spirit, flesh and intellect to its core. As to expose the need mankind has for its Creator.
  • Considering Job (
    Just like God uses us, we can be used by the enemy. When we sin, doubt it not who is pulling your strings! We virtually take them out of God’s hands and hand them over to the enemy – not just His enemy, but ours too! This is why Yeshua says to “pray for, do good to” those who seem very much at the time like an enemy.
  • Dig for Tuesday the 17th of March…..righteousness and salvation is linked and cannot be separated…..Isaiah 51 v 6 (
    We are fortunate in that we are living in the days, the new covenant, when His righteousness and salvation are here.All mencan be saved and made righteous as a gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ. 

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