Wanting to live in Christ’s city

Jesus is So Cool
In Christendom there are many who find Jesus is So Cool that thy make him their God even without knowing what is really written about him in the Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Christendom there are lots of people who call themselves Christian and who say Christadelphians are haters of Jesus and haters of God, making a mockery of Jesus their god. They forget that it are they who make a clown out of God.

What is so funny is that they themselves do give the answer of the believe of faith in Christ Jesus.

Because if you do not believe that he is the Son of the Father, than his death and resurrection is meaningless.
His miracles become more parlor games than true acts to bring people to understand the Divine Love of the Father . {Comment of the writer of Alpha}

Writing that a person has to believe that Jesus is the son of the Father, by which they should mean ‘son of God’, they themselves seem not to believe that, because they believe Jesus is the Father himself, Jesus to be God himself. They also neglect what God Himself says about Jesus or they insinuate that God is not telling the truth when He says Jesus is His only begotten son.

They also do make a clown of God because God Himself tells us that He is the One and Only One eternal God, to Who man can do nothing and to Whom death can do nothing, because He can not die. Saying that Jesus is God either makes that Jesus faked that he was afraid of man and afraid of death as well as that God did as if He died and did as if He was taken out of the dead after so called having resided for three days in hell. Because God cannot die they also nullify the act of their god Jesus because than Jesus would not have to be afraid of death, knowing that death can do nothing to him and that it is nothing for him to walk around or to hover over the world again afterwards. God is almighty and no power can do what He can do or destroy His Power.

C4U ChristadelphosChristadelphians do believe Jesus had all reasons to be afraid of what would happen, because he knew his death was near. He knew that Judas has done treason to him and delivered him to the ones who where against him and really could do something against him because he was a man of flesh and blood. If he was God he did not have to worry because God knows everything and God knows that man can do Him nothing. But Jesus, not being God, had to trust his heavenly Father, counting on Him that after his death he would have still a possibility to do something or to live. Jesus believed in the promises of his heavenly Father and wants us also to believe in that Father, the Only One True God.

Jesus did not know everything. He even did not know when he would come back to the earth. In case Jesus is God, Who knows everything, once more God would have not told the truth, which He Himself considers sinning, though we do know that God cannot sin and that Jesus also did not sin, so Jesus had to have told the truth when he said he could do nothing without his Father, did not know when he would return and did not know who would be seated next to him in the Kingdom of his heavenly Father, which he never called his kingdom.

Those who take Jesus to be God make a whole farce or circus of the act Jesus presented to mankind. They make not only a joke of the whole happening and of all the promises made by God in the previous years, they also by saying that there can not be any human who fulfils the Wishes of God, His commandments, insinuate that God could not create a perfect creation because He created imperfect beings of which He knew they could not keep to His commandments though He asked it. Further they make of God a very cruel unjust God, because He let the people suffer for so many years and still keeps us suffering, though for Him it is nothing to make an end to all suffering and to recreate a world and human beings who are perfect and who do not have to suffer.
We do find it strange that those Christians also not question which use it all had having God coming to the world as a man? What was the use of all that charade and doing as if…? Why would God have to do that? What could or can it change? And most importantly why did He not create straight ahead a perfect world?

Christadelphians have put their trust in Jesus and do know Jesus loved us so much he wanted to give his life for us. We do believe Jesus really did die for the sins of all mankind. We are very happy that God wanted to accept the ransom offer made by His only begotten son and that, though Christ was first lower than angels, made Jesus higher when He (God) took him (Jesus) out of the dead and let him sit at His (God’s) Right hand to be a mediator between God and man.

We have put our hope on this man who gave his life as a lamb for God, for us all. We do love him so much we do want to be part of his Body. Jesus invited all to become followers of him and to come in unity, putting on his armour becoming like him, like he is in the Father, we being in him. That does not mean that when we become in Christ and/or become in God, we would become Christ Jesus or that we would become God, like Jesus Christ in God does not mean Jesus being God. If that was the case we all would be God as well, when we are in Christ, in union with him.

The followers of Christ who wanted to be united in the Body of Christ and to be as brothers and sisters to each other sharing the brotherly love of Christ, do want to live in the Delphos or Delphia made by Christ. As such the Christa-Delphia or City of Christ we want to have as our home. In that city of Christ we also want to be delphoi or brothers. for such a reason Dr. John Thomas knew why he choose the name Christadelphians for his community of believers. Therefore also you may find in the world brothers and sisters in Christ who belong to a community calling Christadelphia, Filadelphia, Philadelphia, Brothers of Christ, Brethren of Christ, Christadelphes or similar.

Find out more about: Christadelphian, Christadelphia and Christadelphos

We do hope you will be interested to look at the Bible and to look at what is really written in it, not holding fast to human doctrines but taking the Bible for what is really written in it, as being the infallible Word of God which we should follow.

When you come to see what is written in the Holy Scriptures we also do hope you shall come to see why it is so important to recognise what Jesus really has done for humankind. Once you come to know the real Jesus of Nazareth, Jeshua from the tribe of King David, who worshipped the Only One true God of Abraham, you also with us would come to love to be partakers of his body, willing to live in the City of Christ, the Christadelphia.


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