500 posts being placed on this ecclesia site

Pro ecclesia et pontifice -back
Pro ecclesia et pontifice -back (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On February 27 of 2015 the 500th posting was placed on this ecclesia site and our 220th on our Brethren site. You may also find articles by us on Stepping Toes, From Guestwriters and since recently on Messiah for all. We do hope we may find you there too.

As you could notice we want to place some more exhortations on this site while on our Brethren site Broeders in Christus or Christadelphians we continue looking at the Bible and after that series shall come to an end we will start looking at the community of Christadelphians, who they are, what they believe, how they work and meet and what they do.

For those 500 postings on this site we got 46,433 views and 4,184 comments reaching people from all over the world, but having most viewers Since February 25, 2012 from

U.S. 17,774
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 6,362
Belgium FlagBelgium 5,119
United Kingdom FlagU.K. 3,016
Australia FlagAustralia 1,676
Canada FlagCanada 1,067
Germany FlagGermany 709
India FlagIndia 511
France FlagFrance 503
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 480
Philippines FlagPhilippines 442
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 356
Brazil FlagBrazil 201

we are pleased we may find you here on these pages and do hope we will see you back as a regular reader.

God bless

4 thoughts on “500 posts being placed on this ecclesia site

  1. […] Luckily, when we look at the graphics, we may, for the ecclesia site, see an increase of visitors since our start in 2010. Most visitors seem to enter our site by the Home Page (8132) and most of them seem to live in the United States of America (9689). For the Low countries, the region were we are based we can get 1435 views from the Netherlands and 1130 views from Belgium. 2015 was the year when we placed our 500th post on this ecclesia site. […]


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