Review of the Christadelphians from some older articles

Having now two new articles giving an overview of who the Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ are, how they came into existence, what they believe and what they do for their belief, it is not bad to remind what is written in the older articles as well.

Please do find:

Our older articles presenting the Christadelphian people, with a brief history, and talking concerning gospel-faith, presenting what Faith is or should be. Faith and works, plus faith moving mountains, bringing people together united in brotherly love according first century patterns with the belief that full authority belongs to God. In those older articles is been looked at God’s design in the creation of the world, God’s instruction about joy and suffering plus God’s promises whereby God’s measure is not our measure.

English: Vic Bondi playing with Articles of Faith
Vic Bondi playing with Articles of Faith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps for many it may be that there is God’s non answer God’s promises to us in our suffering may be found, there is Only One God of gods Who is one. In those articles is spoken of hope, God’s hope and our hope, hope for the future and how we may count on God’s salvation and can find answers in the Bible, the infallible word of God about the Kingdom of God what will it be like and how Israel fits in God’s purpose.

In the old articles there can be found a guide to Christadelphian ecclesias and a history of the Christadelphians and how we with our human nature have to be careful not to fall for idolatry or idol worship in the knowledge that there is importuning for suffering hearts and that we are incomplete without the mind of God. Though many may ask “Is God hiding His face when He is seemingly silent” we can tell them that “Jehovah my strength” has given His son Jesus Messiah, and it is this son of manknowing rabboni, Jesus who answers about God’s silence.

In the knowledge we are all fallible we all try to help each other to grow in biblical knowledge and to have everyone learning from suffering, realizing there is life with God, and how we should find meaning of life, where memories are important and we do not have to be afraid of a LuciferSatan or the devil. Though many may find the mission son of God perceived as failure, together the Brothers in Christ see the “Miracles in our time of suffering” and count their blessings, making them to move mountains, daring them to speak of “My faith,” being assured to be under the New Covenant.

Though lots of people may be not sure there exist a god, and have many doubts about sayings around God, the Christadelphians would love to see that others get to know the good reason to believe in the Only One True Divine Creator and would come to see the good reason for nurturing a close relationship with God. The Divine Name of the Creator should sound all over the world. The Christadelphians do know the reasons that Jesus was not God and as such also accept his offering fully. For them Jesus is the true vine by which we all may receive life when we follow the right path.

As an offer in our suffering Christadelphians are happy they may count on the offer of Christ who has become our one mediator between God and man, originating in Mary. For many there seems no future in suffering, but  seeing Jesus, the Christadelphians do belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that at his return the promises of God will come to fulfilment.

Our relationship with God, Jesus and each-other is one of the main factors binding the brethren all over the world without a central organisation where their way of life, with a patient waiting does not stop them to for a complete submission to God’s Will, helped with the plain necessary food of the gospel. Their preference to only follow the Bible, Word of God, inspired and infallible, makes that there are some important differences with main churches. They do not want to fall for dogmas of man like the trinity but want to keep to Biblical truth. For many people pride is blocking the way to the Truth. True hope can be found in the Bible when the person is willing to give himself to the word of God and placing himself in the Hands of God. Christadelphians bear their hope in the words from God about suffering. They feel already in their daily life the working of the hope.


Please do find the new articles:

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  • What Does The Bible Says About Divorce? (
    1. Divorce is not allowed expect perhaps on the ground of adultery
    2. Marriage is till death do us part
    3. All contrary issues in your marital life could be resolved by prayer and fasting.
  • Accept His love (
    God reaches toward his people with kindness motivated by deep and everlasting love. He is eager to do the best for them if they will only let him. After many words of warning about sin, this reminder of God’s magnificent love is a breath of fresh air. Rather than thinking of God with dread, look carefully and see him lovingly drawing us toward himself.(Tyndale Study Bible)This is what unbelievers don’t understand – God loves us. Here is an open invitation to accept His love at any time. That invitation is not only for the Israelites, but to all people in the world.
  • Sleepless Sovereign (
    here is so much injustice in our world today. But, God is aware of every violent crime; He sees the poor and the mistreated. He knows about the illness that has taken a loved one away; He knows all about pain and suffering. He sees it all. And He has not abdicated His throne and He has not abandoned His plan to one day set all things right.
  • After the Trumpets (
    Gideon was humble when he was a little guy (“Pardon me, my lord,” Gideon replied, “but how can I save Israel?”) but was rather nasty when he was the Big Man on the Canaan Campus.
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    Our God never sleeps or even takes a nap.
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    The Israeli politician had called the top US diplomat “messianic and obsessive” behind closed doors, adding that “the only thing that could save us is Kerry winning a Nobel Peace Prize and leaving us alone.” Ya’alon also infuriated officials in Washington with comments accusing the administration of being weak on Iran and by questioning the US commitment to Israel’s security. That followed reports that Ya’alon had criticized Kerry for being unrealistic and naive in trying to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.
  • Book Review: NKJV Study Bible (
    One of the things I appreciate about this Bible is that it refers to Israel as “The Holy Land” on historic maps. I wish all my Bibles had this, especially since Jesus himself referred to the region as Israel in his day. (See Luke 4:25)
  • Who Is Your Leader? (
    Our actions and being away from God always have consequences.  Even our secret ways, that no one else knows.  God knows.  There are always consequences for going against God’s will.  For Rehoboam and other kings, war with Egypt was the consequence.

    Who is in your sphere of influence today?  Who leads you?

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