Trusting, Faith, Calling and Ascribing to Jehovah #5 Prayer #3 Callers upon God

Calling and Ascribing to Jehovah

Callers upon יהוה {Jehovah}

We have the certainty that Jehovah is all around us and that we do not have to stand on our own in this world. Though we may stay an individual in this world, that is not exactly what Jehovah expect of us. Also his son let his apostles know that they should come together, as often as they could, to worship his Father. They had to unite with each other and be a limb of his body, did Jesus tell them. Like Jesus called on his Father, the only One God, we also had to pray to the Most High.

Christ in Gethsemane (Christus in Gethsemane),...
Christ praying to his Father, in Gethsemane (Christus in Gethsemane), oil painting by Heinrich Ferdinand Hofmann (Heinrich Hofmann). The original is at the Riverside Church (Riverside Church, New York City). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesus was a Jew who did not want to be the cause of a schism or to create a different or other religion than the one of his family. Although home rituals are central to Judaism and other religions, much of Judaism may also happens when we come together as a community.  Jesus and his disciples went regularly to the temple to exchange ideas and to pray to God. In the night Jesus was going to betrayed he ordained the service, which he wanted his followers to do in remembrance of him, as often as they could.

In the footsteps of his disciples Christadelphians also come together to remember Christ his offering, to celebrate Jesus his resurrection, to celebrate all the Good Works of God the Father, and to pray. We also come together regularly to support each other in good times and bad.

Calling upon Jehovah we do hope we shall be able to grow under His guidance and to be able to welcome our newest members with family and friends at a baptism, as sign for the community of brotherhood under Christ.

Calling upon Jehovah we think of all the people of our community, but also of the other people in the world who can use our support. We support those who are ill or have experienced a death in the family. Though we do know our shortcomings and cannot help everywhere we should always try to do our utter best.

By calling upon God we are not afraid to be humble enough to show our weaknesses to others and communally give voice to our shortcomings and our wishes for peace and good health in the coming year during the High Holidays.

As brothers and sisters we connect with those we care about when we share a Passover Seder with family and friends and we strengthen each other as members of a vibrant Christian  community.

We do not forget the roots of our faith and recognize the Chosen People of God. With them we want to look forward to the time that Jerusalem shall become the capital of the Great Israel. We know the importance of the stories of long ago and want to bear them in our heart and bring them over to our children. To be good teachers to our children we call upon Jehovah so that He may guide us in bringing over His Infallible Word.

JEHOVAH William Blake Works
“Jehovah” William Blake Works (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like Jews who live all over the world are part of one big family, we also are part of the body of Christ. We are all a part of the Christadelphian family, the town of Christ, even if we do not know them, and they do not know us. We are connected to other Christadelphians all over the world even if we have not met them. With them we are united in the calling upon Jehovah.

Wherever we are in the world, we can feel united in prayer, coming to God in brotherly union. Jesus cleared the way to go straight to his father, who is also our heavenly Father. Jehovah wants us to come as a child who is loved, who is accepted, who is cared for, and who is secure. He wants you to come in openness, in confidence, in truthfulness. He waits to hear your heart, and to share His heart with you.

Through prayer you can gather the riches of heaven and bring them down to earth…you can delight in the beauty of heaven and carry it in your heart…you can enjoy the fellowship of heaven and walk in it throughout the day.


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Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Vertrouwen, Geloof, Roepen en Toeschrijving aan Jehovah #5 Gebed #3 Aanroepers van God


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  • God is God (
    As the song “Our God” was played during worship, a voice inside me says, “Who is God in your life?” For many years I have prayed the same prayer… I invite you to be God over my life but suddenly this voice made me contemplate, is God really God over my life?
  • Happy Father’s Day My Eternal Father (
    When you enter into God’s presence through prayer, you are establishing an eternal covenant with Him. You can enter into a dwelling place where you find His virtue, the Lord your provider. In addition to your natural needs, He will provide you with spiritual food–your daily bread. He will provide His sincere milk and He will provide the strong meat. Your eternal, necessary food is all in the form of the Word and for your spiritual age (level of spiritual maturity). He daily loads you down with benefits.
    God’s presence brings natural and spiritual healing and deliverance. There is a balm in Gilead and the oil of joy that is better than a band-aid, better than antiseptic, better than ointments, and better than pills. When we pursue God through prayer we can access His dwelling place where He reveals Himself as Jehovah-Rapha, the Lord my Healer.
  • Pioneering Strengthens Our Relationship With God (
    As we share in the ministry, we think and talk about Jehovah. That in itself has positive effects.
    Thinking and speaking about a loved one can strengthen our bond with that person. The same is true regarding our relationship with Jehovah God.
    Discussing future Kingdom blessings with others draws us closer to Jehovah.
    Seeing the spiritually destitute condition of those to whom we preach deepens our appreciation for the truth.
    When we have an increased share in the ministry, we see more clearly the contrast between the spiritual condition of those to whom we preach and that of Jehovah’s people. (Isa. 65:13) We are reminded of Jehovah’s goodness in that he does more than provide for our spiritual needs; he invites all to receive spiritual refreshment and a real hope.—Rev. 22:17.
  • Prayer – What About? (
    It has been called the most widely repeated of all Christian prayers. Whether that is true or not, Jesus’ model prayer—sometimes called the Lord’s Prayer or the Our Father—is certainly among the most misunderstood. Millions of people utter its words by rote every day, perhaps often during the day. But Jesus never intended for the prayer to be used in that way.
    Jesus’ words suggest that God’s will is just as certain to take place on earth as it is in heaven, where God dwells.
  • Creator and Blogger God 4 Expounding voice (
    Jeremiah presented a contrast between those who had “not obeyed the voice of Jehovah” and those who wanted to obey Him. (Jeremiah 3:25; 7:28; 26:13; 38:20; 43:4, 7) We individually should analyse where we stand in this regard.
    Jeremiah reveals that we should recognise Jehovah as the Maker of the earth by His power. The One Elohim is the Universal Ruler, the Sustainer of life — our life and the Holy One who firmly establishes the productive land by his wisdom.
  • Jesus Lifts us UP! (
    The Strength within will pull you through any obstacles. That inner strength comes from Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Nissi, I AM, Jehovah Jired, Jehovah Rophe, Jehovah Rohi, Elohim, El Shaddai, Adonai, El Elyon, the one and only God.
  • Creator and Blogger God 5 Things to tell (
    God blessed those who came after them, Seth, Noah and his sons, and he said to them, to be fruitful and to multiply, and fill the earth. (Genesis 9:1) They had to remember the Creator as the Great One on whose Name they had to call. And it was that Majestic God who was always going to give the right answer.
  • Consider What Kind of Person You Ought to Be (
    Emphasizing the ‘sort of persons we ought to be’ from Jehovah’s viewpoint, the apostle Peter urges us to engage in “holy acts of conduct and deeds of godly devotion.” (Read 2 Peter 3:11.) For us to gain God’s approval, our “acts of conduct” must be holy, that is, clean—morally, mentally, and spiritually. Moreover, we need to perform “deeds of godly devotion” with reverence for God and loyal attachment to him.

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