Breathing and growing with no heir

God gives us a lot of answers. We may be happy He is willing to guide us. He also sheds light unto that what we do have to know.

We do have to have a vision and show others what we do believe. We have to share our faith.

File:Climate camp in the city - happy people.JPG
A happy carnival atmosphere at the climate camp in the city 2009

We do have to be concerned about others and have to care more about our people than anyone else, because we are called by Jesus to love people. It is not just because we do have to love others that we do take care of them. No, it is because we want to share the love of God with them. When people are cared for, they care for the things you care for, even more so than you ever could. We have a lot of different encounters in life good, bad, awkward, but there’s nothing better in life than what happens as a result of a God encounter. And we should make use of that, to meet others and show them the result of our experiences with God.

We live in a time where people are not interested in God as such, but many are looking for something they do not know or do not understand. The meaning of life is still something what brings a lot of minds working and questioning.  It are the searching souls that we can bring into action to look for a God encounter. There is no better time to pick up our cross and our burden for the city.

Some may think we aren’t called to just preach. Jesus has given the major task to his followers to go out in the world and to let the Good News be known wherever they go. We also as followers of Christ Jesus should let others know that marvellous Good News. Faith is also about doing what God has called you to do. He called Jesus to have the Name of the Creator be known all over the world. And Jesus, willing to preach to every one who wanted to listen, called those listeners to the same task. As such we as Christians follow up the work Jesus has done nearly two thousand years ago.

It takes faith in order to speak with others about the faith, to give them more information about the Word of God and about the Kingdom of God. Talking to others about God, His Laws, His son we can expand the ministry.

God doesn’t give us the perfect people for a perfect team. He gives us people to build up. And we should be happy that we with our shortages can create an appetite to bring all the flaws together to make a pleasant dish. Though it might be difficult we should allow our selves to be humble and to get discipled by our brothers and sisters in the community. All together should make ‘one unit’ in Christ.

Meeting with each other trying to make ‘church’ we should understand that everything needs time and that we have to be patient enough to let everything grow and fall into its right place. When the moment comes to make choices for who is going to do what, everybody should be prepared to be humble enough and to be willing to give all his or her power to build up the community. Just as Paul had Timothy come alongside and help in ministry we should do the same. The person who thinks he is in charge should not think he is  losing his job by delegating. It means he begins to train and equip those around him.

To build up the ecclesia all have to form one team. Choices shall have to be made, like looking for the person who has the right capacity, the character and who has the talents.

Ministry is much more than pulpit time. It is all about doing life together, that’s where discipleship happens. In life. When a person is picked or an action is proposed it should also be possible to ask others what they say about them.

Talent never trumps character when picking an heir. Leaders that live out their walk 24/7 have to be raise up. We have to have a shallow leadership pool, one that anyone can dive into. By constructing our ecclesia we do have to be willing also to construct an ark. Remembering that we might be amateurs, but willing to be under the leadership of a Masterbuilder. Day in day out looking for the hand of God on our students. It’s not their talents that will get them anywhere,  it is the hand of God.

We always should be enjoying what we are doing. We don’t quit we win. Our job is to fish, not to catch. It is not up to us to change people. God makes it grow.

Whatever we try to build we must believe in what we want to do in the name of God and not in our name. The ecclesia, the event, the group should always be built on faith and prayer. In our construction-work we should continuously evangelize, and encourage our students to evangelize. Their must discipleship and everybody should be wiling to ‘pasrot’ or shepherd them.

Together we should try to grow and inspire each other. It is all about doing life together, that’s where discipleship happens. In life. and for that life we should open our minds and be ready to jump in the life of many, trying to be with them and helping them forwards.

We do know that it was terrible what happened to Christ Jesus, but his willing to die for our sins gives us hope. God showed His love to the world by giving His son. And God’s son showed his love to the world by giving his body. We should share that love and give our spirit and enthusiasm. Love will always be greater than fear, therefore we do not prefer to teach fear but the bright promise God has made of the Kingdom of God.

We do not find the need for preaching fear and do not want to instil fear. We prefer to instil love so that fear has no chance to exist. We who respect and love Jesus look further than sin. When you are so in love with Jesus, you forget to sin. Repentance is not remorse, or resolution. Our faith shall work in us by keeping up the works of faith. Jesus died and rose again so sin would have to stay in the grave. We do not mind showing the world that we now have a life hidden with Christ in God. Christ releases us to live with him and to be accepted to come before his Father as children of God, and as brothers and sisters in Christ.

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