The attraction of doing something

A herd animal prefers rather to do what it is not allowed

The popular television program ‘Ook getest op mensen” (“Also tested on people”) already showed how happy man is to behaviour as herd .
The Flemish broadcasting show did some tests which showed the viewers how people tend to take on the attitude of the group en hos they become more attracted to things which are forbidden.

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Smoking and socializing

Interestingly, the example people give is important. Parents who smoke get easier children to smoke, even though the parents are against it. Worse is that the herd feeling causes  children to smoke, copying the behaviour of adults, but that they also want to  encourage other children to join them to smoke. They feel that the others also should be involved in their action.

That is also what generally happens in the world with the incorrect behaviour in general. The group is always stronger than the individual and the weak drags along with it. It is striking that those who did not want to do the same as the group is accused of being the weaker, though he may be the stronger of them all.

It is the fear of not belonging to the group which sets people to behave like the group.

In an experiment with giving answers on obvious questions most people tended to give the same reply as the previous ones, notwithstanding they knew they were wrong answers.

In a test with a special fruit tree it showed that people just passed the tree when it was just standing there. Only three people form the 250passers-bys noticed the tree. But when a sign marking ‘Do not touch” was placed on the tree much more people were attracted to look at the tree and ten from the 250 touched the apple. Three women took the apple to eat it. so you could imagine what have might happened in the Garden of Eden when God demanded not to eat from the tree. By prohibiting it, it became more attractive. The one taking the fruit gave a bad example to the other, but this one did not want to go under for the first one.

That was clearly proven with a test by actors giving the wrong answer to obvious questions. When the test person had to give his answer, he or she mostly gave the same answer as the rest because they would not be different or did not want to give the group the impression they were wrong and he was the only person who could give an other but right answer.

In an other test they showed how people behaved in an elevator. They all wanted to look in the same direction as the majority, and the one placing himself in an other direction was considered to be an asocial person and not belonging to the group.

The popular scientific magazine proved how easily people can set to follow the mass and how themselves expect certain attitudes which are considered common practice. Any person not following common attitude becomes to be considered a stranger or some one who is not liked.

A herd of goats in Greece
A herd of goats in Greece (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is for this that Jesus and his apostles also warned us. They advised us not to follow the world but to follow our own hearts. They warned us to listen to our inner soul and to resist the herd instinct. We must dare to take distance from the world and dare to follow God, rather than the world in which many people want to feel at home.

As the test “Also tested on humans” showed the viewers men is easily influenced and would like to belong to the group. Men is also more likely to do something that is not allowed, then follow what he should do.

Here we can see how it can be proven scientifically how sin arises and how it is that man is attracted to sin so easily. But we also got proof of the importance of  the example people get and the function one can have in a community. As Christians, it is therefore all the more important that we ourselves follow the Laws of God and also show it to others.


Do find:

Kuddedier doet liever wat het niet mag

The Flemish broadcasting channel “één“: Ook getest op mensen

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