People of Faith for Obama video

Bill Tchakirides does not think control of the Muslim Brotherhood is in America’ purview… but having extreme right Baptist preachers pushing anti-Muslim sentiments worldwide is bound to cause an extreme response. {Looking at the current relationship of religion to government I am returning to Jefferson}

Several times we did hear Mitt Romney saying that if he is elected president, he will emphasize the role of God in American society and will not “take God out of the public square.” this to the likeness of many conservative Americans. We sometimes wonder if they remember also to which denomination Romney belongs and how he sees the differnet figures: God, Jesus and his prophets.

On Monday a “People of Faith for Obama” video was unveiled as a new initiative to mobilize voters that included Web video of the president and a faith platform.

In the video candidate Obama makes the case that his faith plays a major role in his decision-making process.  He says when hearing stories of faith from Americans he is touched, “They reinforce the power of my Christian faith which has guided me through my presidency and in my life, as a husband, as a father, and as a president.”

The American people should know this: In a changing world, my commitment to protecting religious liberty is and always will be unwavering. As America’s religious diversity grows, we have the chance to reaffirm the pluralism that has defined us as a nation. A pluralism that is expansive enough to protect the rights of all to speak their minds and to follow their conscience.”

The president also made specific reference to the issue of religious liberty.  “In a changing world, my commitment to religious liberty, is and always will be unwavering,” he said.

The last ten years the Islamic phobia has grown in the capitalist countries. In their fear for people they preferred to put all Muslims under the same banner and started even thinking they worshipped an other God than the Jews and Christians. Though real Christians also should adhere to One God who is Only One.

Lots of Americans do not seem to see the danger when religion and politics become tied together and certain denominations do get into power. Marcus Ampe on Marcus’ Space wrote a series on the reasons why many fled the Old World and wanted to find new pastures where they could build up a new life and have religious freedom.

On several occasions Barack Obama let the world see his family and without spending word on it showed certain Christian values.

On more than one occasion Obama let people know that a president of the United Statesof America had to be a president for all Americans. But he added also that a president without his people could do nothing. It was nothing he could do at his own. He also wanted that the different ethnic groups got to understand that they all had to work together.  “We’re greater together than we are on our own.  These shared moral obligations have guided me as president,” he said.For all

Though it had not been easy for him working against the stubborn negative attitude of the Republicans he tried to work on getting education for every one, diminishing poverty, and wanted to tackle immigration. On all occasions Obama showed that he was and still is “standing on the side of human dignity and the belief in the inherent worth of all human beings.”

English: Official Congressional portrait of Co...
English: Official Congressional portrait of Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last July the longtime Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) praised the Constitution’s ban on religious tests to hold office, saying Thomas Jefferson’s vision “was right.” When the constituent responded with bigoted accusations about Islam, Sensenbrenner countered: “Religion is a personal issue to every one of the people who lives in the United States…And that has been one of the most cherished freedoms that this country has had since it’s beginning.”

“I think the Constitution in saying that there shall never be a religious test for any office of trust and profit under the United States meant that people should not be judged on the basis of their religious beliefs or lack of religious beliefs. That was Thomas Jefferson that put that in the Constitution — I think he was right.” said Sensenbrenner.

More people should listen to his words and understand that the First Amendment prohibits the government from making a distinction between what is “good religion” and what is “bad religion.” “That’s none of the government’s business.” he continued, stating also that religion is a personal issue to every one of the people who lives in the United States.

Those who want to build up the United States of America, should better study their history and should better take some time to read some writings from the Pilgrim Fathers and from those who escaped the Old World for religious and political reasons.

In case people would like to live in a free country they also should be able to say and think whatever they want in respect to others. In a free democratic state all the people should be able to choose either to believe in a God, many gods or no gods at all. They also should have the liberty to choose how they want to practice their faith. No governement should be allowed to dictate which faith or how people have to practice a faith. Also when people do not want to practice a faith they should have the same rights as the other inhabitants. “Whether you say you’re a member of a faith but don’t practice it, it’s none of the government’s business. ” agrees Sensenbrenner. “And this is the whole issue of religious freedom. And that has been one of the most cherished freedoms that this country has had since it’s beginning.” he said.

America can be proud in a certain way that they can get lots of people into their many churches, even mega churches. But what is preached over there in those churches is often not according to the Bible. Lots of preachers also have more actor skills than believing in God and in following Jesus, the son of God.  You should read the article Quote by a Crazy Christian – His solution? Vote for Jesus! by Bill Tchakirides to have an idea how far certain preachers, like the Televangelist Bill Keller (said by some to be the most popular televangelist in America), want to go to throw dust in the Americans their eyes. Often the churchgoers do not wonder what a certain man who had been in prison brings them. Satan is the key figure in those preachers doom-scenarios. Remembering that Satan for lots of Americans is a real demonic personality. A ghost or being hovering all over the world to get people in his nets. According to him Satan has a lot of accomplices.  Mitt Romney, is such a henchman and a 5th generation member and priest of the Satanic Mormon cult.

Bill Keller forgets that many conservatives consider Romney as the one who is the Christian who can lead the country, while Obama is the Muslim who would bring their country into doom of the satanic Islamic world.

Those white American evangelicals and conservative Christians also still think that Jesus was a white Caucasian. Many even do not want to accept that Jesus would have been a Jew. For most of them it is clear that the Jews killed Jesus, and more likely they would not mind having got rid of all the Jews in the world.

Already more than fifteen years ago Marcus Ampe gave a warning that we should be careful that the West was not heading for a similar situation as in the 1920ies-1930ies, having first a financial crisis, followed by a political crisis and a swoop to the far right, with having fanatics sawing the seed for religious phobia and fanaticism. The Catholic church played a dubious role in Western Europe, and now we should be careful not to have an evangelical streaming to dictate political direction of which it shall be sorry after a few years, but then it would be too late.



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    What the “Coexist” bumper sticker and the people sporting it on their vehicles are trying to get across is that people of all beliefs should try to get along with each other.  It’s pretty much that simple.  The funny thing is that Christians are displaying the stickers themselves, and Christians are also decrying them as just another threat to America’s Christian values.

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    The panel featured the familiar argument that Christians in America are somehow a beleaguered minority that is under constant assault. Starnes claims to have a pile of stories stacked up on his desk about “instances of people who have been facing attack because of their faith in Jesus Christ.”
    Speaking of the controversy surrounding the laughably bad “Innocence of Muslims,” Starnes asked why the federal government isn’t investigating “shows like ‘South Park,’ which has denigrated all faiths.” He also demanded to know why President Obama hasn’t denounced Hollywood.
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    “As Election Day draws nearer, the Obama campaign and its surrogates in the Fourth Estate have infested the political arena with an army of tactical and rhetorical rodentia. … This week, it’s a ‘secret Romney video’ shot undercover at a closed-door dinner with Florida donors in May. … ‘All right, there are 47 percent who are with [Obama], who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. … And they will vote for this president no matter what.’ …
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    In a video on his campaign’s website, Obama makes no mention of the dozens of lawsuits against his administration by Christian institutions and businesses over the birth control mandate.

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