28th of October meeting


Marcus Ampe at the ecclesia in Paris, September 2012

The next Breaking of Bread in Paris is arranged for the afternoon of Sunday 28 October, God willing.

As there are now very few French-speaking bre & sis in France these meetings have become very occasional as this will be the 4th since the beginning of the year.

If anyone will be Paris that week-end, or may be willing to consider travelling specially, please contact me on steve@steveweston.orangehome.co.uk. Depending of the composition of the assembled group, these meeting are usually conducted in a mixture of French and English.

As usual for our Belgian ecclesia, we provide transport from our home base Leefdaal, picking up any interested person who wants to go with us. Transfer to the main cars in Mons , at 9 a.m. for the car pooling to Paris. Back to Mons around 10 p.m. and Leefdaal 12 p.m.
Those interested please do join us, for a day being together between brethren and sisters in Christ. (Contact can be taken via our different addresses in Belgium, via our websites and via Marcus Ampe)


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