יהוה , YHWH and Love: Four-letter words

יהוה = Love

YHWH, Jehovah God is a four-letter word which comprehends the most important four-letterword in our life: Love.

Though יהוה , Jehovah, the Creator of all things may be a jealous God he is  showing covenant faithfulness, loving kindness and mercy unto thousands of them that love Him, and keep His commandments and who do “not take the name of Mar-Yah your God in vain” (Torah).

“you do not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, יהוה {Jehovah} your Elohim am a jealous visiting the crookedness of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and guard My commands. “You do not bring1 the Name of יהוה your Elohim to naught, for יהוה does not leave the one unpunished who brings His Name to naught. {Footnote: 1Or lift up, or take}. “”  (Exodus 20:5-7 The Scriptures 1998+)

“Love” is the keynote of the Bible, notwithstanding the fact that it contains threatenings as well as promises, and declarations and manifestations of justice as well as of mercy. If God’s character were devoid of justice—if his love should override his justice—it would be a terrible calamity for all those dependent upon him. It would testify weakness of character instead of strength. It is the fact that God’s wisdom, justice, love, and power operate in full harmony—in co-ordination—that gives us admiration for him, confidence in him, love for him; and all these appreciations are intensified as we realize his unchangeableness.

Torah inside of the former Glockengasse Synago...
Torah inside of the former Glockengasse Synagogue in Cologne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The one who told to His creation that they should not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of their people; but had to love their neighbours as they loved themselves.

“Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am YY . ” (Leviticus 19:18 IAV)

“The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, But violence covers the mouth of the wrong. Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions. Wisdom is found on the lips of him who has understanding, But a rod is for the back of him who lacks heart. The wise treasure up knowledge, But the mouth of a fool is near ruin. ” (Proverbs 10:11-14 The Scriptures 1998+)
“Excellent speech is not fitting for a fool, Much less lying lips for a noble. A bribe is a stone of favour in the eyes of its owner; Wherever he turns, he prospers. He who covers a transgression seeks love, But he who repeats a matter separates intimate friends. Reproof enters deeper into a wise man Than a hundred blows on a fool. An evil one seeks only rebellion, So a cruel messenger is sent against him. Let a bereaved bear meet a man, Rather than a fool in his folly. Whoever rewards evil for good, Evil does not leave his house. The beginning of strife is like releasing water; Therefore stop fighting before it breaks out. He who declares the wrong right, And he who condemns the righteous, Both of them are an abomination to יהוה. Why is this – a price in the hand Of a fool to buy wisdom, When there is no heart? A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity. A man lacking heart shakes hands in a pledge, He becomes a guarantor for his friend. He who loves transgression loves strife, He who exalts his door seeks destruction. He who has a crooked heart finds no good, And he who has a perverse tongue falls into evil. He who brings forth a fool has sorrow for it, And the father of a fool has no joy. A rejoicing heart causes good healing, But a stricken spirit dries the bones. ” (Proverbs 17:7-22 The Scriptures 1998+)


We can begin to see God as mighty but distant and lose the precious truth that we live from within His eternal hug. We can be so busy with this world, we forget the real worthy things of the world and the universe. How many people are still able to enjoy the beauty of nature or to spend some time to look at the stars?

While many filled their dictionary with awful four-letter words, even when they are not of their mother tongue. In many languages we do hear people using the American English words which they saw introduced by television series and films.  Out off these words does not only come the sound of aggressiveness, it is often used to dominate or to take on a superior attitude. Though it is not Dutch, nor French or German, many Belgians often use the words  “cock”, “dick“,  “damn,” ‘F…”, “foul”, “hell, ””prick”, “shit“, “tart”, “twat” and “wank” like they are married with those sounds and feel real at home. They often do not mind to use the title of the Most High putting in front of the “damn”, and forget that by doing so they use Gods name in vain.

Noob or Oldie

Those who believe in God they call “noob”, whatever it may mean. In the new English language we do find  “Newbie“, “newb”, “n00b” or nOOb” as a slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in any profession or activity. But those who believe are mostly not so inexperienced as the youngsters may believe. Originally “noob” was indicating the non-experience of a person his Internet activity.

The term “newbie” which had a limited usage among U.S. troops in the Vietnam War as a slang term for a new man in a unit, did not always show the right respect for the new recruit or soldier. In the universe we can all be newbies, even for a long time, because every day there is something to learn anew. And for some it takes a long time to learn certain things. It does not show the love of the persons around the apprentice.

For the Supreme being, the Most High, everybody is just like a small microbe, even not yet an ant, because that animal is always busy and working hard for the whole community. In the world of humans the group idea is far gone and egoism brought in a stance which is not to be proud of.

Though God, out of love was willing to increase the numbers of people. Blessing the fruit of Israel‘s womb, the fruit of their land (the grain, new wine, and oil), the offspring of their herds, and the lambs of their flock, in the land that Jehovah the Lord of Lord of lords, the Elohim promised the ancestors He would give them. (Deuteronomy 7:13) But even there we do here such evil language been entered in the Hebrew and English spoken in Israel. Though God had warned them to be very careful to keep the commands and the Law that Moses the servant of the Only One God commanded them.

To cling to the Right One

“Only, diligently guard to do the command and the Torah which Mosheh the servant of יהוה {Jehovah} commanded you, to love יהוה your Elohim, and to walk in all His ways, and to guard His commands, and to cling to Him, and to serve Him with all your heart and with all your being.”  (Joshua 22:5 The Scriptures 1998+)

“to love יהוה your Elohim, to obey His voice, and to cling to Him – for He is your life and the length of your days – to dwell in the land which יהוה swore to your fathers, to Abto Yitshand to Yato give them.”  (Deuteronomy 30:20 The Scriptures 1998+)

By loving יהוה , Jehovah our God, we should keep to His commandments and should know He does not like bad language or vile talk. He even prefers that we would be silent if we have nothing serious to say. The least said the soonest mended. Speech is silver, silence is golden.

When a person is filled with goodness and has the right thoughts, his mouths shall also be able to utter the right words, and shall not need any bad words to bring forth his ideas.

“The good man brings forth what is good out of the good treasure of his heart, and the wicked man brings forth what is wicked out of the wicked treasure of his heart. For out of the overflow of the heart his mouth speaks. ” (Luke 6:45 The Scriptures 1998+)

Spirit of the world

In the sermon of the Mount we can see the spirit of Jesus against the spirit of the other men, the apostles and the listeners, who could be compared to us, who are of the spirit of the world. Jesus warns on the mountain against the temptation to judge oneself better than others, even while meeting hatred with goodness, mercy and generosity of an extraordinary kind. The person using abusive language against somebody gives the impression that the speaker is more important and in the right to abase the other. Instead of humbling oneself before one’s Maker, the user of vile words tries to mortify the other. The disciple must strive to make others better by his example, even correcting them when necessary; but let him begin the work of improvement and correction with himself. Only the good can do good and get others interested to do good.

The inferior intellect is as the loftier mind from which it has taken its tone and sentiments. Every one whom God has furnished shall resemble his master. And we as Christians should let the world see who we want to have as master.

“The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, And his tongue talks of right-ruling. ” (Psalms 37:30 The Scriptures 1998+)
“I have delighted to do Your pleasure, O my Elohim, And Your Torah is within my heart1.” {Footnote: 1Ps. 37:31, Ps. 119:11, Isa. 51:7, Heb. 10:7-9}. I have proclaimed the good news of righteousness, In the great assembly; See, I do not restrain my lips, O יהוה, You know. I did not conceal Your righteousness within my heart; I have declared Your trustworthiness and Your deliverance; I did not hide Your kindness and Your truth From the great assembly.”  (Psalms 40:8-10 The Scriptures 1998+)

The Right Word

Normally we should like be “eating” the Words of God, more to be desired than gold, sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb, so that They  can be unto us the joy and rejoicing of our heart, for we are called by the name of our Lord the God of hosts. (Jeremiah 15:6, Psalm 19:10) We should refrain our mouth from every evil way, that we might keep to Gods Word.

Even when we may be afflicted, tested, and the wicked may have laid a snare for us, we should be careful not to err from Gods precepts. Gods commandments should and shall make us wiser than our enemies,  for when the Law of God is known by and followed by us it shall be with us. (Psalm 119:98-110)

Those who love God and are willing to share this love with others shall be able to sing: “O Elohim, deliver me! Hasten to my help, O יהוה! Let those who seek my life Be ashamed and abashed, Let those who are desiring my evil Be turned back and humiliated. Let those who say, “Aha, aha!” Be turned back because of their shame. Let all those who seek You Rejoice and be glad in You; And let those who love Your deliverance always say, “Let Elohim be made great!” (Psalms 70:1-4 The Scriptures 1998+)

The Elohim Hashem Jehovah, the Only One God shall be with those who want to use their words in the lineage of the Commandments, even when  people repay them evil for good, and hatred for their love. But they shall be able to see  the other four-letter word “Hope” coming into fulfilment by their better four-letter word than the mockers, the scoffs who do not have any  “Faith“.


Those who laugh may perhaps be more “Rich” in worldly goods, but the believer shall be “Rich” in more valuable goods. The poor one may be ridiculed at, but shall not have to worry, because he shall have a better hope founded in a “Truth” which has deeper grounds.

The one who believes in God and believes in His son, shall keep to the lessons of the son and the Father. He shall prefer to hold on better four-letter words knowing what is “Best”, striving to get to the Right “Amen”. By staying “Calm”, “Glad”, full of “Glow”, being “Glad” doing “Good”, with his “Hope” not afraid to give a ” Kiss” and “Hugs” as a  “Free” “Gift”, to offer “Help” and wishing “Luck”. Never being “Rude” but being “Nice” and “Kind” , “Pure”, to “Live” a “Life” full of grace, honour and sweetness, filled with an disarming smile,  so that it were also nice five-letter-words that could come on the lips. This all so that both shal be able to become “Holy”. Instigating that they shall go to “Pray” and “Work” so that everything shall be able to “Heal” so that we all may become set-apart making an and to the four-letter word actions of “hate”, to find “True” “Luck” and peace (again a five letter word where we should “aim” for.)

When we speak of love we do not speak of the three letter word many people think off today when they use that four-letter word. The higher notation is for many been mislaid and often not be found. Though all of us should be in search of the “True” “Love”, true generosity, the very reverse of jealousy and envy, which spring from a perverted nature.


Love by itself can become seen as sloppy sentimentality as we lose sight of the fact that God is our friend but not our mate. Together they show the “awe” filled grandeur and power of the One who loves, as well as the tender Father heart of the Creator and King.

Love rejoices with them that rejoice, in prosperity of every good word and work, and in the advancement in Christian grace and in the divine service of all who are actuated by the divine Spirit.


To “live” the “full” “life” we “need” to experience the fullness of God. His hug is “warm” and His arms are strong.

Sometimes people can get tempted to use bad four-letter words because they feel attacked and can’t get up against the attacker. So often, when we get to fighting, the most important thing of all gets lost. We are confronted in differences of race, culture, and heritage which seem so important to us, but we overlook the similarity and often forget that we came from the same Source. All living on the same globe created by the same Maker, we should be “glad” that we are allowed to “live” here. We should also recognise that everyone has something to ad to the community and can be also being part of one of the Limbs of the Body Christ. What really is most important is faith expressing itself through love. In our high tech world today, isn’t it interesting that the most important issue is the same as it was two thousand years ago — faith expressing itself through love?

“For in Messiah יהושע  {Jeshua} neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any strength, but belief working through love. ” (Galatians 5:6 The Scriptures 1998+)


When we are willing to be chained by Gods Love, we shall be able to find freedom, being “free” in Christ, who requires that the floating strength in your life must be love.
All other things, although they are important, come on the second place.
Love is the sign of truth discipleship.

Though God is a jealous God and He demands all our love and attention, this does not mean we do not have to love our neighbours. Our love for God should be different from our love for another person, but not less. If we truly love God, we will show our love for Him in practical expressions of love for others. True divine love does not exclude human love; rather, it enhances it.


The Four-letter word “Love” is the seed other other four”letter word, which we should try to become: “Kind”

This English word “kind” is one of those pale, sentimental words that just does no justice to the original. We should say, instead, that love is considerate ­ showing an active, involved concern for the needs of others, even to the detriment of one’s own comfort. We probably all think of ourselves as being “kind”, for we certainly are never “unkind”! Are we?

“And if a brother or sister is naked and in need of daily food, but one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and be filled,” but you do not give them the bodily needs, what use is it?” (James 2:15-16 The Scriptures 1998+)

There are times when a “kind word” is no more than hypocrisy, because it masks a failure to help in any practical way. Have we ever been guilty of such an act, in a benign, “friendly” indifference to the circumstances of others? Then we may have been courteous and civil and pleasant, but we have not been “kind” in the Scriptural sense, and we have not been loving.


We should not be afraid not using the ‘new’ or ‘popular’ words like the much used four-letter words. We do not have to shrink in front of others who use them to impress us. No fear in love we should know better. We can show others that we can live in harmony, using fine and soft words, not having to be aggressive or insulting. If we love God we know how we should live in harmony. Where love has entered, there is no law necessary to focus. We should be afraid for the right things or for the only One.

“And now, let the fear of יהוה be upon you. Guard and do it, for there is no unrighteousness with יהוה our Elohim, nor partiality, nor taking of bribes.”  (2 Chronicles 19:7 The Scriptures 1998+)


All that God has given us ­ riches, talents, intelligence, health ­ diminishes with the passing of time. Man grows old and dies. Only love remains, as a bridge between this life and the life to come, a bridge over the chasm of eternal nothingness. Every other gift or talent will fail, just as the Holy Spirit gifts finally ceased. The only thing that endures is the character of man, engraven in the infinite mind of God.

“Beloved ones, let us love one another, because love is of Elohim, and everyone who loves has been born of Elohim, and knows Elohim. The one who does not love does not know Elohim, for Elohim is love. By this the love of Elohim was manifested in us, that Elohim has sent His only brought-forth Son into the world, in order that we might live through Him. In this is love, not that we loved Elohim, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be an atoning offering for our sins. Beloved ones, if Elohim so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has seen Elohim at any time. If we love one another, Elohim does stay in us, and His love has been perfected in us. By this we know that we stay in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit. And we have seen and bear witness that the Father has sent the Son, Saviour of the world. Whoever confesses that יהושע  {Jeshua} is the Son of Elohim, Elohim stays in him, and he in Elohim. And we have known and believed the love that Elohim has for us. Elohim is love, and he who stays in love stays in Elohim, and Elohim in him. By this love has been perfected with us, in order that we might have boldness in the day of judgment, because as He is so are we in this world. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear holds punishment, and he who fears has not been made perfect in love. We love Him because He first loved us. If someone says, “I love Elohim,” and hates his brother, he is a liar. For the one not loving his brother whom he has seen, how is he able to love Elohim whom he has not seen? And we have this command from Him, that the one loving Elohim should love his brother too. ” (1 John 4:7-21 The Scriptures 1998+)

Be Walking in love by faith, not by sight, always using the right words, so that The Spirit of God imparts love,inspires hope, and gives liberty.


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