Prophets making excuses

In reply to the nice article by T.V. Antony Raj: “The Archangel Gabriel” on “Impressions ~ of what comes to my mind.” I wanted to react and place this reaction also on our ecclesia site, because we encounter many Christians who do not understand Muslims and many Muslims who think that all Christians adhere a Three-Godhead and ignore the writings of so many prophets like Enoch (Idr~is) who prophesied that Godwould “execute judgement against all, and would convict all the ungodly” (Jude 14:15).

Mestia Museum. Archangel Gabriel. 12th c.
Detail of a 12th Century medieval icon featuring Archangel Gabriel. Mestia Museum, Georgia
“And Ḥanoḵ, the seventh from Adam, also prophesied of these, saying, “See, יהוהcomes with His myriads of set-apart ones, to execute judgement on all, to punish all who are wicked among them concerning all their wicked works which they have committed in a wicked way, and concerning all the harsh words which wicked sinners have spoken against Him.” ” (Jude 1:14-15 The Scriptures 1998+)

God brings knowledge. Jehovah God is the “Unfathomable Knowledge” who is willing to who shed the light in the night of this world at night time and day time. Human reason fails to comprehend Him and to get all the knowledge. God is and will be forever there above and beyond all people. We have given Him different names in this line of thought to suit our convenience. We have tried to bring out His attributes in different pictures. We have projected Him in different ways. (There are many a Form and simply Formless.) All this is just to make Him easily understood. But He remains at one with that Knowledge.

But many forget that He is willing to share some of His knowledge and is willing to guide all humankind. But to be able to do so those men and women should give Him their ear.

The son of man Daniel also saw an other son of man, but whom was send in a special way and could do incredible things. This Son of Man Daniel saw was a vision of Messiah‘s kingdom, superseding the bestial kingdoms of the world. Daniel predicted that men shall see “the Son of man coming in the clouds with power and great glory.” And when standing before Caiaphas he thus addressed his judges, “I say unto you, hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.” Of this, then, there is no doubt, that the name was to Jesus a Messianic name. He would never have used it had he not wished to intimate that he was the promised Messiah of the Jews. And so it tells us, who want to listen, that here is Christ indeed; the Man in whom all humanity is centred, yet the Man who knew that he was more than man, the Fellow of the everlasting God.

The Christian, as a disciple of the Lord, as a pupil in the school of Christ, is being fitted for a place in the Millennial kingdom — for a share in its glory, honour and immortality….Hence, we see the necessity for the frequent admonitions of the Scriptures, that the Lord’s people shall be awake;–not of those who slumber; not of those who are idle; not of those who are overcharged with the cares of this life; but that they be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. Their service toward the Lord is primarily the bringing of themselves into as close harmony with the Lord’s will, and into as close likeness to the divine pattern as possible; and secondly, it is that by precept and example they may help others of the called ones in the same narrow way.

“For you are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. So, then, we should not sleep, as others do, but we should watch and be sober. ” (1 Thessalonians 5:5-6 The Scriptures 1998+)

Though prophets are just “Son of man” (like Ezekiel)  God reminded them of their position in this world, where they also would have to face death, but could live on in the memory of many others as a servant of God. Those prophets had the function to warn the people and to bring them back to the Elohim, Hashem, Allah, the only One God.

Siyer-i Nebi 158b
The Prophet Mohammed (figure without face) on Mount Hira. Ottoman miniature painting from the Siyer-i Nebi, kept at the Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi, Istanbul (Hazine 1222, folio 158b)
Muhammad as other prophets reacted like many of us when they hear a voice from somewhere,  but do not see anybody.
Though very devoted and spending time at the cave in Mount Hira, fasting, praying, thinking, and trying to find answers to the meaning of life. He forgot that Allah always give answers to those who honestly call onto Him. But God never shows Himself because when we would see God we would die. (Exodus 33:20)

Exodus 33:20  Jehovah, the Elohim God/Allah continued, “But you may not see my face. No one can see me and live.”

Jehovah God is the only one who can give us full insight. As worshippers of God we should know as the prophet  that there is no one besides Allah that could bring us the night in which we take rest, but also find comfort and insight.
Koran 28:71  Say: See ye? If Allah were to make the night perpetual over you to the Day of Judgement, what god is there other than Allah, who can give you enlightenment? Will ye not then hearken?

As it took some time for the great prophet to understand what God was willing to bring over to him, we cannot take such time any more. god has provided enough prophets for us to see and come to understanding.

Sometimes God tests people to see if they want to go according to the Will of God and really do want to follow Gods Commandments.

Exodus 16:4  Jehovah said to Moses, “I’m going to rain bread down from the skies for you. The people will go out and gather each day’s ration. I’m going to test them to see if they’ll live according to my Teaching or not.

The same as when the Archangel Gabriel (Jibrāʾīl) appeared before Muhammad and asked him to read we also answer ‘I can’t”  when we got a reply in our dreams. How are we then going to come out of darkness, if we dare not to do what is told us to do, but keep thinking we can not. It is a matter of trusting God.

Too many are afraid of Allah to listen to His guidance. He has provided the world with so many prophets to tell the world what to do, how to behave and to what to look forward.

While not violating his own Law, Allah took action to save mankind with sending the prophet in the line of David (Dãwud). God had sent the angel Gabriel (Jibrã’il) to a virgin, who did listen to the news that could bring her death by stoning, because she became with child not being married. But she accepted her sending and brought forth Jesus Christ, Jeshua (‘Isã) (Ãl’Imrãn 3:45; Al-Anbiyã’ 21:91)

Bernardino Luini 013
The Christ Child and the Infant John the Baptist with a Lamb (1507 – 1532 ) – Bernardino Luini
This Jesus (Esa/Iessou) Jeshua was the only man who could stay without sin and therefore he could be the best sign for mankind and mercy came from him when this man wanted to give his body for a ransom for all. (Maryam 19:19,21) He could become the Lamb who took away the sins of the world. He came with a sign from the Most High, his Father in heaven whom we do have to fear.

“The next day John saw Jesus coming towards him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29 NIV)
“God made him who had no sin to be sin {Or be a sin offering} for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21 NIV)

“The fear of יהוה is the beginning of wisdom, All those doing them have a good understanding. His praise is standing forever. ” (Psalms 111:10 The Scriptures 1998+)
“Let those who fear יהוה  now say, “His kindness is everlasting.” I called on Yah in distress; Yah answered me in a broad place. יהוה  is on my side; I do not fear what man does to me! יהוה is for me among those helping me; Therefore I look on those hating me. It is better to take refuge in יהוה  Than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in יהוה  Than to trust in princes. ” (Psalms 118:4-9 The Scriptures 1998+)
““And whatever is concealed shall be revealed, and whatever is hidden shall be known. “So, whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms shall be proclaimed on the house-tops. “But I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that are unable to do any more. “But I shall show you whom you should fear: Fear the One who, after killing, possesses authority to cast into Gehenna. Yea, I say to you, fear Him! ” (Luke 12:2-5 The Scriptures 1998+)

When Jesus lived many could hear him talk and hear him explain the Word of God, but wanting to understand his talking was an other matter. Only a few years after his death an other prophet had to set things right again, because so much had gone wrong again.

Muhammad 8
Close-up of a medieval-era drawing showing Mohammed preaching, along with a Christian-style halo.
Many of us do want to come up with the same foible answer as the prophet Muhammad. Many of us also do want to say they can not read the Word of God or not understand it.
First off all we do have to want to read it and secondly we do have to put our mind open and be willing to read it and willing to set our mind open to the God of heaven and earth, Allah, who has a divine name which is found more than 7 000 times in the Holy Scriptures.

Do you still want to say I can not hear God? Do you not want to see the many prophets God had sent us?

If you are really loving Allah, you can not ignore His prophets and should listen to them. God has given them a voice to explain Scriptures to us. Even when they originally could not write or read and dictated that what God brought unto them, we can not ignore their voices.

Many hear, but do not take the words in their heart. they hear but do not listen. In such case they shall never be able to see.

When are people going to listen? When are people to read the words of the prophets who God gave the world to listen to and to give an aid to come closer to God?

By whom do you need to be squeezed? How many times do you need to squeezed before you will not persist any more that you “cannot do this or that, or are not able to understand” like the prophet Muhammad repeatedly resisted?

Therefore we also should read with the name of our Most High Lord of lords who created, man out of dust to which he shall return.

“1  Iqraa, or Read! or Proclaim! or Alaq, or The Clot of Congealed Blood. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Proclaim! or Read! in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created —  2  Created man, out of a mere clot of congealed blood: 3  Proclaim! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful, —  4  He Who taught the use of the Pen, —  5  Taught man that which he knew not.”  (Qur’an 96:1-5)

Also the great prophet Muhammad advised his people to turn back to God’s ancient books in order to obtain the answers. (see Yunus 10:94; Al-Nahl 16:43; Al-Anbiyã 21:7) These tell us that Asaph the son of Berechiah was the one who by inspiration wrote Psalm 83. (1 Chronicles 15:17; Psalm 83, superscription) Verse 18 of this Psalm says ““That they may know that {1} thou alone, whose name is Jehovah, Art the Most High over all the earth. {1) Or [thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, art etc]}” (Psalms 83:18 ASV)

We thereby see that the greatest name of Allah is “Jehovah”.

Do you want to believe He is willing to guide you by the Words He has given to be written down in the Holy Scriptures?

Are you willing to accept His kindness, goodness and mercifulness and be sure that He also wants to guide you? That He is prepared to protect ordinary people, and when I was helpless, you is willing to save you as so many others?

Our are you going to keep repeating that you need to worry because you  can’t trust anyone!”

“What shall I return to יהוה All His bounties are upon me. I lift up the cup of deliverance, And call upon the Name of יהוה . I pay my vows to יהוה Now in the presence of all His people. ” (Psalms 116:12-14 The Scriptures 1998+)

God is not a God who misleads those who want to follow and honour Him.

” If anyone contends with the Apostle even after guidance has been plainly conveyed to him, and follows a path other than that becoming to men of Faith, we shall leave him in the path he has chosen, and land him in Hell,  — hat an evil refuge!” (Koran 4:115)

“”Of no profit will be my counsel to you, much as I desire to give you good counsel, if it be that Allah willeth to leave you astray: He is your Lord! And to Him will ye return!”” (Koran 4:34) was clearly said to those who were gone away from God.  they who had disputed with believers and multiplied disputation with them.  If they are of the truthful ones God would not mind to give them counsel and guide them. Allah only will bring it to you them He is pleased, and the people do not want to  escape from Him.

”  “I tell you not that with me are the treasures of Allah, nor do I know what is hidden, nor claim I to be an angel. Nor yet do I say, of those whom your eyes do despise that Allah will not grant them all that is good: Allah knoweth best what is in their souls: I should, if I did, indeed be a wrong-doer.” They said: “O Noah! thou hast disputed with us, and much hast thou prolonged the dispute with us: now bring upon us what thou threatenest us with, if thou speakest the truth!?” He said: “Truly, Allah will bring it on you if He wills,- and then, ye will not be able to frustrate it!  “Of no profit will be my counsel to you, much as I desire to give you good counsel, if it be that Allah willeth to leave you astray: He is your Lord! and to Him will ye return!”  Or do they say, “He has forged it”? Say: “If I had forged it, on me were my sin! and I am free of the sins of which ye are guilty!  It was revealed to Noah: “None of thy people will believe except those who have believed already! So grieve no longer over their evil deeds.  “But construct an Ark under Our eyes and Our inspiration, and address Me no further on behalf of those who are in sin: for they are about to be overwhelmed in the Flood.”  Forthwith he starts constructing the Ark: Every time that the chiefs of his people passed by him, they threw ridicule on him. He said: “If ye ridicule us now, we in our turn can look down on you with ridicule likewise!  “But soon will ye know who it is on whom will descend a penalty that will cover them with shame,- on whom will be unloosed a penalty lasting”” (Qur’an 31-39)

For God it is clear that from the Garden of Eden He has given His Word to the man and woman. Men got the freedom to choose which way to go. God does not want to interupt with their choices and ongoings, except in a few cases where it became to bad and to dangerous for His people. God will leave people on the path they have chosen by stubbornly rejecting the Truth. And therefore it would be a totally wrong accusation to point a finger to the Creator. For God it is the free choice of people to either follow Him or to thrown Him out of the way (aghwaytanee). But people should be aware of the consequences of their choice.

” He said: Now, because Thou hast sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on Thy Right Path.” (Qur’an 7:16)

We do have to to restrain our anxieties, perhaps we may tremble, as in an affair of doubt, but when we give our hands in the hand of God He will be with us, though many others may be against us.  If what we have in this world increase under our hands, we must take notice of it with thankfulness, to the glory of God, and own that therein he has dealt graciously with us, better than we deserve.  It is he that gives power to get wealth, and it is one way of Him to encourage us to continue the path laid in front of us by the Word of God: the Bible. It is a way to give effect to the agreement which He made by His oath with our fathers, as at this day.

““Be on guard, lest you forget יהוה  your Elohim by not guarding His commands, and His right-rulings, and His laws which I command you today, lest you eat and shall be satisfied, and build lovely houses and shall dwell in them, and your herds and your flocks increase, and your silver and your gold are increased, and all that you have is increased, that your heart then becomes lifted up, and you forget יהוה your Elohim who brought you out of the land of Mitsrayim, from the house of bondage, who led you through that great and awesome wilderness – fiery serpents and scorpions and thirst – where there was no water, who brought water for you out of the flinty rock, who fed you in the wilderness with manna, which your fathers did not know, in order to humble you and to try you, to do you good in the end, you then shall say in your heart, ‘My power and the strength of my hand have made for me this wealth!’ “But you shall remember יהוה your Elohim, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, in order to establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is today. “And it shall be, if you by any means forget יהוה  your Elohim, and follow other mighty ones, and serve them and bow yourself to them, I have warned you this day that you shall certainly perish. ” (Deuteronomy 8:11-19 The Scriptures 1998+)

So in case there are people who want to continue their own way, they should not come to complain before God that they perish and land up in the grave (Sheol = Hell = the sepulchre or grave)

You can imagine that even when messengers from God came to warn people and where questioned by them, or did not believe what they heard, how difficult might it be then for us ordinary people, who do not have a living prophet with us today and no direct recognisable signs from God?

But that may not be a reason to have an excuse, like Jonah and others did.
Do you want to have the ear to hear and the heart to appreciate and accept it?

The Only One God Allah, the Elohim Hashem who gave His name to be known, Jehovah grants guidance to all by making the Truth and Falsehood clear through His signs, by His Words given in the Holy Scriptures and with signs within our own selves and the phenomenon around and through the Holy Prophets and everyone is free to follow it.

To hear Gods voice in our selves we do have to be prepared to open ourselves to Him and His Word.

When we pray to God, we also should want to hear answers to our prayers. If we do not open our mind to hear the Voice of God, we shall never receive answers.

In the hope we shall be able to find many who would like to hear answers.
Yours, kindly in the love of God,

Marcus Ampe


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    By doing what God says and what He himself Commands.  Your organization, or you as an individual will be given your due as per what God desires to give.  Period.  Just as He did for Moses, Abraham, David, Lot and the rest.  Some were made Kings ( had great wealth) and some were simply made great leaders (still had much wealth).    God wants us to be responsible with what He provides to us.  He does not want His Gifts to be used on those who do not desire to do His Will or even hear about it.
  • Pious Husband (
    ‘ how did you stay awake all night and worship Allah, when your wife saw you sleeping?’
  • Taqiyya/Takiya (
  • How Did Prophet Muhammad Pbuh Bring Mercy to the World? 3: 164 (
    To bring mercy to people is to improve them, and to pull them out of the dungeon of depression and self-destruction that they reside in. This is due to their ignorance of the Almighty and their preoccupation with the hedonism of the present.
  • Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (
    J.H. Denison in his Emotions as the basis of Civilization, wrote:
    In the fifth and sixth centuries, the civilized world stood on the verge of chaos …. it seemed that the great civilization which had taken four thousand years to construct was on the verge of disintegration … Civilization like a gigantic tree whose foliage had over-reached the world .. stood tottering .. rotted to the core ….. It was among the Arabs that the man was born who was to unite the whole known world of the East and the South.
    (pp. 265-269)
    The religious attachment of 6th century Arabia was idolatry, though there were a sprinkling of Atheists and worshippers of heavenly planets, who offered sacrifices to the sun, moon and other heavenly bodies.

37 thoughts on “Prophets making excuses

  1. […] Prophets making excuses The Christian, as a disciple of the Lord, as a pupil in the school of Christ, is being fitted for a place in the Millennial kingdom — for a share in its glory, honour and immortality….Hence, we see the necessity for the frequent admonitions of the Scriptures, that the Lord’s people shall be awake;–not of those who slumber; not of those who are idle; not of those who are overcharged with the cares of this life; but that they be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. Their service toward the Lord is primarily the bringing of themselves into as close harmony with the Lord’s will, and into as close likeness to the divine pattern as possible; and secondly, it is that by precept and example they may help others of the called ones in the same narrow way. […]


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