New Thinky Things

Two new books

Thinky Things Volume 2

In case you do not know yet Robert Prins his musings about certain Scriptures verses, know it is time to get acquainted with.

After the first volume we are happy that we can find “Thinky Things Volume 2”, by Bro Robert Prins on the bookshelf.

Thinky Things Volume 2 is a book of Bible meditations for every day of the year. Following on from Thinky Things, this second collection, in a gold coloured cover, will continue to stimulate, encourage and provoke every one, from the casual Bible reader to the more serious Bible student. It follows the daily reading chart that helps you read the whole Bible in the year. The thoughts contained in this book have been described as “deceptively simple, yet personally challenging”. The meditations in Thinky Things Volume 2 are on different portions of the daily Bible readings than the first blue Thinky Things book.

That We May Be One

That We May Be One by Bro Robert and Sis Sharon Prins

That We May One is a book for married couples about awesome marriages. No matter where you marriage is now, it can become amazing. This book gives both scriptural and practical advice to take average marriages and make them into what God designed them to be. Through the 320 pages, Robert and Sharon talk about growing to become One, explore love and commitment, give specific advice for men and advice for wives, and also share thoughts on money, prayer, forgiveness and communication.These books and prices in your local currency are available from or in New Zealand from Bro Robert Prins.

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