Jesus begotten Son of God #2 Christmas and pagan rites

6. Interweaving with heathen or pagan rites

We as sincere Bible Students and followers of Christ should take the Words of God into account and should know that God does not like us to interweave with heathen happenings and idolatrous things.

Tammuz (the god of Evil) is the fourth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar.Tammuz is the month of the sin of the golden calf, which resulted in the breaking of the Tablets. On that very day, the 17th of Tammuz, begins the three week period (ending on the 9th of Av) which commemorates the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Christmas time is not a season of revival and up-building in the Church of God. We all should be aware that it is a pagan spell of evil, which spreads spiritual pollution as it rages among churches and believers for the time appointed. We recognise the problem that many live in an environment where this feast on the 25th December is valued very high. It is considered as the climax of the year, the most popular holiday season of the year. It is a real family happening. For many Christmas is the day when the driving power of this festival love reaches its zenith. No other day can equal it for fleshly revelry, and debauchery combined with a heathen misrepresentation of Christ which, as a fanatical religious orgy from every quarter swirls to a literal vortex of confusion and jamboree on December 25th.

And those who know and love the Truth are counted to be narrow-minded and sacrilegious if a protest is raised. So, such honest souls are forced to stand aside and witness annually this glittering cloud of pagan observances descend with a smothering and paralysing pall on all people. Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, coloured glass balls and figurines have all become part of the High celebration. People even tell stories of a Father Christmas bringing presents to all nice kids. And as we watch parents, who loudly proclaim the necessity of truthfulness in children, who advocate the need of so many social reformations and who bemoan the juvenile delinquency which prevails, deliberately teach their unsuspecting little ones the monstrous Santa Claus lie, we can only cry with the Apostle John “I wondered with great wonder” (Rev. 17:6 R.V.).

7. Day of the Sun or Baal

The deity Tammuz with his symbol of evil, the cross in his hand

December 25 th according to the Julian calendar was the day when the sun, the Sun or Baal was the one only God, turned and had to be celebrated. The three headed god could be implemented on the three headed god of the Christians who agreed to this Trinity worshipping. The god of evil Tammuz (Syriac: ܬܡܘܙ, Hebrew: תַּמּוּז, Transliterated Hebrew: Tammuz, Tiberian Hebrew: Tammûz, Arabic: تمّوز Tammūz; Turkish: Temmuz Akkadian: Duʾzu, Dūzu; Sumerian: Dumuzid (DUMU.ZI(D) “faithful or true son”) had also to be honoured, because other while he could become angry. For the Roman Catholic Church it was easy to transplant the faithful and only son of God to this god of vegetation and fruitfulness, and his evil could be nailed on his sign of a cross, so instead having a portrait of Jesus dying at the stake they introduced the picture of the sign of the god of evil Tammuz: the cross. (Tammuz has also his month: July) According to some scholars the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is built over a cave that was originally a shrine to Adonis-Tammuz. (Giuseppe Ricciotti, Vita di Gesù Cristo, Tipografia Poliglotta Vaticana (1948) p. 276 n.) The Church Father Jerome who died in Bethlehem in 420, reports in addition that the holy cave was at one point consecrated by the heathen to the worship of Adonis, and a pleasant sacred grove planted before it, to wipe out the memory of Jesus. Modern mythologists, however, reverse the supposition, insisting that the cult of Adonis-Tammuz originated the shrine and that it was the Christians who took it over, substituting the worship of their own god.

Sun or Baal and Tammuz were the god incarnate, so Jesus also became god incarnate and they wanted to celebrate his incarnation on that festival of re-birth and festival of Light and Life. So Jesus became the Light and Life. “In the Hindoo mythology, which is admitted to be essentially Babylonian, this comes out very distinctly. There, Surya, or the Sun, is represented as being incarnate, and born for the purpose of subduing the enemies of the gods, who, without such a birth, could not have been subdued. ” + “It was no mere astronomical festival, then, that the Pagans celebrated at the winter solstice. That festival at Rome was called the feast of Saturn, and the mode in which it was celebrated there, showed whence it had been derived. The feast as regulated by Caligula, lasted five days; loose reins were given to drunkenness and revelry, slaves had temporary emancipation and used all manner of freedoms with their masters. This was precisely the way in which, according to Berosus, the drunken festival of the month Thebeth, answering to our December, in other words , the festival of Bacchus, was celebrated in Babylon… The Christmas tree, now so common among us, was equally common in pagan Rome and pagan Egypt. In Egypt that tree was the palm-tree; in Rome it was the fir; the palm tree denoting the pagan Messiah, as Baal-Tamar, the fir referring to him as Baal-Berith.” (The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hyslop, 96-97)

8. Feast of the Nativity of the Sun of Righteousnes

Goddess mother Semiramis with her child Tammuz in her arms

Unable to stamp out the popular festival in celebration of the Sun the church spiritualised it as the feast of the Nativity of the Sun of Righteousness. The Virgin Mary also could become the Sun itself and Queen of heaven while Christ Jesus her rays, the light for all humans and symbol of fertility.

Centuries after the Saviour’s birth in Bethlehem the festival of the Sun god was adopted by the Christian Church, given the name Christmas and thereafter celebrated as the birthday of the Son of God and of the incarnate God the Son!

Nativity tree
Nativity scene at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, in the historic Barelas neighborhood, Albuquerque, NM, Jan 2008.
In the coming articles we shall look into this person who either existed before and was forever, or came into existence at a certain point, so had a beginning. While the One and Only God, Jehovah/Yahwehis a god who is spirit and not man, has no beginning and no end, so was never born to come into existence and never died to have an end to his life.

You can question yourself about many of the most popular Christmas customs – including Christmas trees, mistletoe, Christmas presents, and Santa Claus – being modern incarnations of the most depraved pagan rituals ever practised on earth, and how you either go with it and join the celebrations or withhold yourself, abstaining from any idolatrous action.

Let us honour the only One God, be thankful for His son He had given us to Save us, and let us keep to the Truth.

“God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth.”” (John 4:24 NIV)


To be continued

Opening article: Jesus begotten Son of God #1 Christmas and Christians

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  • Welcome to Advent. 2011. {1} (
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    The theme of ‘true meaning of Christmas’, ‘Easter is what it’s all about’, and ‘Keep coming back’ are good for the season.
    The Christmas story is exciting, deep, and a defining point of what it is to be human. This point of history starts of God’s salvation story for humanity. The gateway to the divine was born for everyone to meet.
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  • Io, Saturnalia! (
    Every year there are outrages committed by shoppers who completely ignore the religious sentiments intended. This year was no exception, with a woman pepper spraying something like 20 other shoppers to ensure she got one of the come-on discounted video game consoles, and other shoppers ignoring a dying manbecause there were bargains to be had. Where Would Jesus Shop?
  • Who was Tammuz and how does he compare to Christ (
    Tammuz, also known as Dumuzi, was the shepherd-god and lover of the goddess Astarte or Inanna. Ezekiel 8:14 describes women in the Jerusalem Temple ‘weeping for Tammuz’.
  • 1 John 4-5 (
    Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God. And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.
    Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loveth him that begat loveth him also that is begotten of him. By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous. For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
  • Marriages of the Bible: Mary and Joseph (
    Most scholars point to the fact that Mary is very young when she got married, with some sources citing she was as young as twelve. I’m guessing Joseph most likely was older, perhaps in his mid to late twenties (practically a cripple!). I’ve always found it interesting that God sent the angel to Mary after she was engaged to be married, not before. The Lord clearly expresses his desire for children to be established within formed marriages – which makes for the sad experience for Joseph when he believes his betrothed to have been involved in adultery. I’n going to discuss two critical things we can take away from the marriage of Jesus’ earthly parents.
    Mary and Joseph had an extreme amount of responsibility to bring Jesus up according to God’s law, and it is also a huge honor that the Father entrusted His Son to them. We can gather from their example that God delights in using marriage to honor Him – and that the process of growing together and starting a family is just part of that. We all need people to lean and depend on; I’m pretty sure neither Mary nor Joseph could have handled bringing up the Son of God on their own. Their experience most likely was one of daily submission and recognition of God’s work in their lives, both to one another and by themselves, even when they messed up or didn’t quite understand what was going on.
  • Samhain Goddess – Ishtar (
    If she (Ishtar) will not grant thee her release,
    To Tammuz, the lover of her youth,
    Pour out pure waters, pour out fine oil;
    With a festival garment deck him that he may play on the flute of lapis lazuli,
    That the votaries may cheer his liver. [his spirit]
    Belili [sister of Tammuz] had gathered the treasure,
    With precious stones filled her bosom.
    When Belili heard the lament of her brother, she dropped her treasure,
    She scattered the precious stones before her,
    “Oh, my only brother, do not let me perish!
    On the day when Tammuz plays for me on the flute of lapis lazuli, playing it for me with the porphyry ring.
    Together with him, play ye for me, ye weepers and lamenting women!
    That the dead may rise up and inhale the incense.”
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    bought their presents to give family and friends, and depending on which
    denomination they are a part of, will be celebrating the prophetic
    fulfillment of the birth of the Jewish Messiah in Bethlehem.
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    Many professing Christians are indignantly insisting that people stop de-Christifying the celebration of Christmas in the name of political correctness. Are they even aware of this holiday’s decidedly non-Christian origins?
    The attachment people feel to these days isn’t surprising. After all, these traditions have been going on for hundreds of generations. Consider the following description in the Bible: “[F]or one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not” (Jeremiah 10:3-4). That description, clearly describing a Christmas tree, was recorded in the book of Jeremiah hundreds of years before the birth of Christ.
  • Origins of Christmas (
    Let us now move on to the “birthday of Jesus”, Christmas. Jesus (pbuh) is commonly considered to have been born on the 25th of December. However, it is common knowledge among Christian scholars that he was not born on this day.
    So who else celebrated the 25th of December as the birth day of their gods before it was agreed upon as the birth day of Jesus (pbuh)? Well, there are the people of India who rejoice, decorate their houses with garlands, and give presents to their friends on this day. The people of China also celebrate this day and close their shops. The pagan god Buddha is believed to have been born on this day when the “Holy Ghost” descended on his virgin mother Maya. The great saviour and god of the Persians, Mithras, is also believed to have been born on the 25th of December long before the coming of Jesus (pbuh).
  • Beyond the Christmas Lights: Peeling Back the Pagan Traditions (Part 1) By Mark Hensch (
    Recent winters have seen Christians fighting against the “War on Christmas” to defend Nativity scenes, the real meaning behind the holiday, and wishing people a “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.” But just how much of the Christmas traditions we see today is truly Christian in origin?
  • The Pagan Roots Of Christmas(
    The early Christians quite consciously chose the pagan sun holiday for the celebration of their Son-god’s birth.
    Christmas falls during the Roman Saturnalia and at the birth of the Mithraic sun god. According to“A Witches Bible Compleat”, by Janet and Stewart Farrar, the Archbishop of Constantinople wrote thatchurch fathers fixed the Nativity during the pagan holidays because “while the heathen were busied withtheir profane rites, the Christian might perform their holy ones without disturbance.”
  • What Did Jesus Say About Christmas?(

    The perfect Christmas tree is bought. Adorned with ornaments and glittering with tinsel, it stands by the window. The stores are crammed with shoppers hunting for presents and the little ones anxiously waiting for Santa.

    Busy with Christmas fever, wonder did you ever, did the Bible or Jesus made any injunction on Christmas ever?

  • Origin of Christmas – Lawrence Kelemen (
    Roman pagans first introduced the holiday of Saturnalia, a week long period of lawlessness celebrated between December 17-25.  During this period, Roman courts were closed, and Roman law dictated that no one could be punished for damaging property or injuring people during the weeklong celebration.  The festival began when Roman authorities chose “an enemy of the Roman people” to represent the “Lord of Misrule.”  Each Roman community selected a victim whom they forced to indulge in food and other physical pleasures throughout the week.  At the festival’s conclusion, December 25th, Roman authorities believed they were destroying the forces of darkness by brutally murdering this innocent man or woman.
  • What Did Jesus Say About Christmas? (
    God, by his mercy, sent numerous Prophets throughout history to all nations as guides and role models. Some of the prophets were Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and the Last Prophet Muhammad (peace be on all of them). They all came with the same basic message, which is the Oneness of God, without any partners, sons or daughters.
  • What Did Jesus Say About Christmas?(

    The word ‘Christmas’ does not exist in the Bible. The Bible has closed lips on the entire feast of Christmas, with one exception, the decoration of a tree. The Bible itself criticizes the decoration of the (Christmas) trees:

    “The customs of the people are worthless, they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel, they adore it with silver and gold, they fasten it with hammer and nails so it will not totter” (Jeremiah 10-3,4).

    If Jesus meant his followers to celebrate Christmas, he would have practiced it himself and enjoined it on his followers. There is no mention in the entire Bible that any of his followers ever celebrated Jesus’ birthday like Christians do today.

    “The church did not observe a festival for the celebration of the event of Christmas until the 4th century” (Grolier’s Encyclopedia)

    Thus we see that neither the Bible nor Jesus and his companions say anything about the celebration of Christmas which currently involves fanfare, commercialization, and extravagent spending, devoid of any spiritual relevance.

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  1. […] Jesus begotten Son of God #2 Christmas and pagan rites laat dan de verscheidene heidense elementen zien die in het Christelijk geloof zijn opgenomen of het een vanzelfsprekendheid is dat het zo moet gevierd worden. Nochtans hebben de eerste Christenen nooit zulk een feest gehad. De vroegere Joden hadden meerdere feesten gekend, maar daar kon natuurlijk geen Kerstfeest bij zijn, mits Jezus nog niet geboren was. Maar nadat zij hem volgden hielden zij aan de feesten waaraan Jezus ook hield. Daarbij was het ook belangrijk dat Jezus er ook aan hield dat grote feest te vieren dat kinderen van God zouden moeten vieren als teken van het Verbond. Dat ene feest was dan ook wat de eerste Christenen steeds vierden, maar dat wij nu in weinig Christelijke gemeenschappen gevierd vinden, namelijk 14 Nisan. […]


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