Steppping toes

(2013 update) ‘Stepping toes’ was originally a Xanga website opened on the 28th of September 2011, but in the Summer 2013 Xanga changed its policy and this site was transferred to WordPress on October 6 of 2013.

As serious Bible Students and Brothers in Christ we could not react to certain writings on Xanga, because we had to be a member. Some writings on the Xanga sites could use some reactions from outside. To be able to react we made at last the step and came over the threshold.

At time we warned already that we were not going to make many publications on Xanga, because we wanted to concentrate on some other websites of which the  Multiply websites also already came to an end.

In Dutch “Op de tenen stappen” or “Stepping toes” can be “to thread on a person’s toes” or making that somebody carries a chip on the shoulder.

We do hope that our visitors would not be to quickly to take offence. But we know that certain ideas we keep to, are not favoured by so many. First of all do we love and honour only One God, who we want to address to with His Name. And that Name is one which frightens a lot of people.

People are easily put out when they hear whom we adhere.

But we are also sure that the die is been cast and that we have come in a special time were it is more important to share our love to the whole world, like our Masterteacher Jesus/Jeshua, the Messiah did. The man we do like to follow on this earth not only wanted that everybody knew his Father, he also proclaimed the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God and wanted that all his followers went out into the world to bring that Evangelion of good Tidings.

You could say that nobody can quarrel with such good news that Jesus of Nazareth brought, but as the world went against him so they were not pleased either with his followers.

At the time of going on the Xanga platform we wrote:

Now we pitch our own tents here also on this Xanga Group we do hope we shall find enough spirits eager to share their ideas and to welk along on the long road to … Tipperary and beyond. happy

From Monday 7 October we shall try to place the previous publicised articles from Xanga on some of our other websites.

Most of our writings you can find at our other web pages, to which we would like to invite you:

Our main site: Belgian Christadelphians

Christadelphian Ecclesia

Brethren in Christ – Broeders in Christus


Hoop tot Leven | Redding door Christus Jezus

Hope to find you there also.heart


2013 update

  • Moved from Xanga (
    Xanga decided to charge for their formerly free service, so I moved here!  The next step is to try to import old files.  We’ll see how that goes.
  • Damn Xanga. (
    Since I don’t like Xanga 2.0, and tumblr isn’t my “personal venting” blog, I’m here on wordpress now. I hope it treats me well.
  • The move. (
    So pretty much xanga decided it was time for a makeover and went along and made xanga 2.0 much to my dismay. Long story short, all my previous blog posts had to be imported and I am now a wordpress user.
  • We don not like the bat being squished, hopefully figuratively in Since Xanga Got Ruined, Here I Am! 🙂 ( to show his frustration of Xanga suddenly leaving its writers in the cold. when he says “God bless and keep all of you, till next time.” we do hope it will also be a blessing for all creatures of God, animals and plants also of the Mighty Creator Jehovah God.
  • Xanga 2.0 Review: The Incredible Shrinking Xanga (
    Xanga has reached the two week mark of its return as “Xanga 2.0” and not much has changed in improving user functionality.  It continues to operate far below what “Free WordPress” offers.
  • Xanga stuff (
    Xanga transitioned my blog to WordPress even though I didn’t pay for that whole membership thing.  I forgot I was premium for life – a big Xanga mistake business wise in my opinion.
  • So, no more Xanga. (
  • Greetings and Ramblings (
  • Goodbye Xanga (
  • well here we are. (
    my teenage self is grieving for my xanga account. eleven years and all i have to show for it is a zipped file full of weird documents. wordpress is a whole new world to me.  i am currently trying to import all of my old posts, so we’ll see how that pans out. and in the midst of all of this confusion, i am getting very nostalgic. but i have Always been weird about things like this.

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