Self inflicted misery #1 The root by man

Self inflicted misery to bear

1.     The root by man

For some the Book of Job offers no simple answer to the problem of suffering. But it should shed a light on how nobody can escape the problems of this world and shall be able to find himself confronted with misery at one or another time.

Suffering and loss are common to man, and often he is at the root of it himself.

As we have seen from the Study about Job is that man lives in a universe of cause and effect and the consequences of certain causes are inescapable and have nothing to do with what God brings unto earth but more with what God allows happening on this earth.

God has given men a freedom to act. He has given them the responsibility over Gods Creation. But there is a burden of ‘natural law’ which straightens out the wrongdoings of certain people. Humankind is not inescapable to what men do. In this universe we do have to bear the consequences of what we or others do.

As you can come to the conclusion from the series on the Poverty in Flanders lots of handling by people and situations interfere with each other and can bring people in serious problems. They do not have to be the cause of it. It can be brought over them by the stupidity of others or by uncontrollable health situations.

In Eigendomsrecht, welvaarttaks en waardigheidsrecht is written that each cultured society must have a certain form of solidarity its members or inhabitants.  No community can stand on its own. Everybody living in the close environment has to take his or her responsibility. Each worthy society must work there at it to form a social acceptable and fully social life and to offer a safety net for all those who fall from the boat.  The law of the strongest is the strongest injustice.  It is the duty of the strongest to see for the weakest to.
Every worthy community should take care of a good education for everybody, which can directly provide the skills, knowledge and qualifications that are important in social and labour market participation, so that nobody should have to become a burden on another. As Welfare state and Poverty in Flanders #7 Education shows it is everybody’s responsibility when a community gets impoverished because the people cannot cope to do the proper work to keep that community going. Also by not knowing what to do right, people are going to make faults, interfering the wrong way with nature or with nature elements and so causing problems in God’s creation and bringing natural disasters over them.

Trash pile in Berat, Albania
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We can also determine that often it are the lower educated people who are not really taking care of their environment. Rotzooi van de mens & zwerfprobleem shows what a mess man creates with its litter. Lots of people suffer because they live in dirty neighbourhoods but they forget how often many people around them are the cause of it. They should be more aware of the impact that litter has on our communities and local areas and what it costs to the community or every taxpayer. Litter and clean and green spaces are important to people and their everyday lives. Areas blighted by litter, dog fouling, fly-tipping, graffiti and fly-posting can make residents ashamed of where they live and stop people from going to visit a place. Therefore those who would like to have everything clean should let hear their voice more and react more to others who show an anti-social behaviour.

Educated people can also look for new materials, handy tools and for renewable ways to produce our energy and many of these resources we need; wind, water, sunshine, agricultural waste. But they have to find also ways to get rid of all the waste they create and have to keep living in respect for the countryside. As Royals, mini busses and environment shows that there are high placed persons on this earth, who are aware of our role in the whole universe. We all should be aware of the rural areas which should be set to contribute considerably to renewable energy targets and the fight against climate change. Industries should be willing to invest and to produce possible assets to reach the right goals. Industry may not have the idea it can do everything to achieve her goals to make gains as much as possible. The inconsideration about how to handle the products nature gives us brings often so many people in danger. We should be aware that there is a big difference between inability to know and unwillingness to know as well as unwillingness to change or to do something. We also should shame ourselves when we do not want to learn from history and cases as Chernobyl, Fukushima and so many others.

People just cannot muddle with mother nature. They have to conserve the delicate natural ecology. When they do master it wrongly and go about it brashly they shall have to bear the consequences of their deeds. Every action a person does shall bring something forth. A heedless action shall have its outcome probably not to the good. Than it shall not God to blame for giving a persecution. No it is the fault of the perhaps thoughtless step, but in any case of the wrong step that brings forth a counter reaction.


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