Bad things no punishment from God

All those bad things which come over this world is it
whether or not punishment from God?

This world is hit regularly by disasters.  Today we can see enough signs that we have come in the End Times as described in the Holy Scriptures.

In such a way coming difficulties over us are already notified in the Sacred Writings this not yet means that the one who has let this write down is also the responsible of what comes over us.

Chernobyl disaster
Chernobyl disaster - Image via Wikipedia

God has created men, but this creation has turned itself against its maker.  For this wrong the designer has not hangerd himself in that extent that He destroyed His Creation.  On the contrary He has out of His goodness given that men the chance to take care of this world and of himself. He received the allowance to do it as he wanted it, he got a free wil. With the consequence that that man has made of it not many soups.  One attempt after the other layman failed.  With traps, falling down and standing up again, man stayed laymen and did not seem to learn from his experiences. Man wanted to repeat the many things his predecessor did even when it was done wrong.  He did always the same mistakes. At the sideline God looked and followed closely and came in to help where it really was necessarily .  For the rest, He wanted to let go the man his own course.

That freedom that the man has gotten he took not always in thanks.  Regularly he went  even so far to reproach God and to make Him guilty for particular things for which the man actually was responsible himself.  Only how eager does not  want the man to find  a scapegoat.  To give some one else the debt for the wrong things done or overcome to oneself is the easiest thing. Man preferred to give the guilt to somebody else and therefore created someone else like the figures of a Devil, Fallen Angel, Satan and a Lucifer.  Each adversary of God became now the responsible person himself but got portrayed on a kind of super specimen, a sort ghost, the devil, a fallen angel.  That ‘person’ seemed to be the ‘bogeyman’  they remained to accuse the Creator for punishing them.

Every time as man got something awful over him he became angry and pointed still with the finger to God.  Even through not religiously.  For in disaster men suddenly get to know God and hurry to accuse this God once more.

Only is that true that God is the one who is responsible for all those bad things which come over humanity? Is He really the responsible for the lot of sorrow that comes over us?

We don’t think so.  We believe not in a pitiless relentless God that enjoys the pains of others or delights in suffering men.  As each parent wants to be good for his children so does God. As every parent who sees that his beloved children have done something wrong he perhaps reprimands them but does not want to harm them. A good parent does not find joy in the pain of his children. God loves to take care of His children and fully loves them and therefore wants to give them as many as possible good things, not wanting bad things coming over them.  God is a soothing Father and is not on eager to see His children to furnish with suffering.  But He has given them well freedom to go their own course.  And in that they must carry the consequences of their own choices.

If there is a vehicle which runs over some one, this would not be a punishment from God for that victim. It also would not be the fault of the car, but is one consequence of either carelessness of the driver or through a mistake of one of the two or more concerned.
Also by a mud stream or landslide, when several men or taken with the flood on its devastating path, it would not be something that is part of God’s actions, but mostly it lies at the neighbours self that the region has been deforested and that men took away the possibility for the roots to hold the ground together.
This are only two examples, but one can find many more like this to show that the cause of lots of problems does not lie by God but comes from men himself. Many things that come over man are the boomerang that comes back at him. lt are the results from misdeeds man has done. lt then comes from his or other men’s step in the wrong place and for which they now get the bill.

We our self are responsible for the acts that we bring into effect. We have to bear the responsibility our self.  Our attitude towards nature and fellow man shall be a deciding factor for what happens next to this nature or to the inhabitants.  Our actions in this nature are going to be decisive for what is going to happen next. For this many persons close their eyes and are not interested in what shall happen in the far future. It does not seem to concern them, why should they bother?  When we go about uncareful with the natural sources it can well be that we use them up and that they shall all be gone for for our descendants. They no longer shall be able to make use of those basic products because our fault, not theirs and not as penalty from God.  Many animals we so massacred , many plants have disappeared because of men’s actions.  We have so many thoughtless deeds and go so rash with mother earth. So we all have to face this earth and the foolishness of its inhabitants.  We go around so impetuous with mother nature and this shall have its repercussions on the next generations.  We cannot remain to do this just with impunity.

Each for himself will have to constitute which way he or she on wants to go.  Everybody shall have to carry then the responsibility also for him or herself.  It goes not up to give the debt on someone else.

We are guest, vassal or liege on this earth.  We got it in loan from the Creator.  It is not Him who taps us on the fingers when we do something wrong.  It is usual the repercussion of our actions.  The consequences of our acts.  Therefore is it so important that we should be very conscious of what we all do and of the consequences that that can have not only for ourselves but also for others.  For what we do ourself not always has consequences just for ourself.  It can have also consequences for others.

Therefore must we make work of it so that everybody shall come to live more according to rules that are in line with the Will of God.  In such a way that those who are not willing to choose for God will get by the striving from others to be able to live as well in a better world, more in accordance with the Will of God.

In case more men treat nature respectful and go around carefully with basis materials there will on that straight also happen less misfortunes or less disasters, so less harm and pain shall come over men, and they also will not accuse God undeservedly of a punishments act.  In this fast evolving society we cannot go along further unthoughtful as men did so often. We may not miss the fast train.  It becomes high time that we consider good what we want but also what we can do and really work out who is responsible when somewhat goes wrong.

20 feet debris spreads over small Japanese valley from the sea to the hillsides above, 2011 earthquake

We will therefore however may not look next to what happened in history. We shall have to face it that several times the man himself is the cause is of his misfortune.  Other things also do come over him. And it surely  is not always originating by men. Nature disasters just can happen. But one must not go to live in flood areas, or lay swamps dry to establish oneself there.  The man must ask the question what he can and shall do with nature.  How he can go around with it but also how he can foresee to it that he and those after him shall be able to make further use of it.  The environment matters to every inhabitant of this planet.  And one may not think only for his own spot.  One must also work out how we can go around with our life and what the consequences may be for them that also live further away.

For everything the man wants to do he will have to think deeply and must consider good what the consequences or risks can be of his acts.  As he will be able to save himself and many others a lot of sorrow.  As well there will then later be less reason for God to come forwards with punishments.  For yes, there will certainly punishment distributed, also by God.  Only it is not yet  the time for it here in this age in Gods Plan.

Now God let the man court. Man can still go his own way but since the coming of Jesus (Yeshua) this Nazarene man comes up as the Saviour, the Christ, the Messiah.  God has accepted his kiss offering and must have no other offerings anymore.  As He demands then no offerings any more each dead person is there one too much for Him.


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    Don’t ever think that you aren’t a good christian because you are going through a difficult time. Sometimes Gods greatest people go through the lowest of lows. Before God can raise you up higher, He has to humble you lower.
    Sometimes our most painful experiences are our greatest gifts in life.
    There is a purpose in everything- even pain. God has you in His hand and He’s never going to allow you to go through something that He knows He can’t bring you out of better than you were before- in His eyes, not your definition of “better”

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