Belgian Christadelphians shall open their first Bible study classes in Leuven

Next season the Belgian Christadelphians shall open their first public Bible study classes in Leuven.
We are convinced that God’s larger desire is to invite people, all people, into the wideness of his mercy.  It’s God’s kindness that leads to repentance. God the Father has given His son and is prepared to welcome all off His children. All creation is from God and belongs to God. He is a God of Love and has always be willing to give to His people and has had always a heart for His creation. His kindness needs to be visible in the church and is something we want to share with all those who are interested to get to know more about God, His Promises, His Son Christ and about the salvation and the Future for us all. The consummation of the church’s missionary role will be that day when ten people from every tribe and tongue—Nineveh included—take hold of the hem of the robe of one believer and say, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you” (Zecheria 8:23). Our aim is to find or make more followers of Christ and we sincerely hope that God shall be with us and shall bless our gatherings.
Until now we could feel the love of God who was with us at our Breaking of the Bread services at the AC Motel in Leuven and at the Marriot Hotel in Brussels. From September onwards we do hope we shall be able to meet new people and will find interested lovers of God to share with us the same faith.
 “Fanaticism,” Carl Jung said, “is overcompensation for doubt.” We can trace this theological trajectory in the Pharisees. They disapproved of whatever they did not initiate. But Jesus identified their problem as a broken relationship with God. They overcompensated for doubt. Let us go forward and avoid the booby traps. We want to show to others we are not a fanatic church but concerned Bible readers who find it important to hold to the Will of God and are willing to help each other to grow in the faith. Because that is one of the responsibilities we do have, helping the other grow in the knowledge of God our Creator, the Almighty.
We do not want to reduce the lag time between the latest trends and their blessings thereof. We do not have the need to be cool or modern or in. We just want to be children of God with each their own freeholder qualities. Perhaps this makes every ecclesia so different, but it is also this which would not give any body an excuse not being able to find somebody to belong to or not to find a group where to feel at home.
While at our Memorial Services we also follow the Bible reading scheme, we shall cover specific subjects at the Bible studies and shall offer a Bible Basics course.
We do hope visitors shall be able to feel at home with us and are inviting you to come along.
Are you coming too?
Meeting Place 30cc
Romaanse Poort
Lokaal A.1.6
Brusselse Straat
Tuesdays: September:19; October 03, 17, November 07, 14, 21, December 12.
From 20.00 hours tot 22.00 h (8 to 10 pm).
            Christadelphians België
Broeders en Zusters in Christus
Foksweg 14, B.3061 Leefdaal, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium, EU

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