Christadelphians today

John Thomas
John Thomas
Christadelphianism takes its stand on the Bible. It maintains that the Bible can be proved to be divine, and that it is the only source of divine ideas at present in the earth on the subject of religion; and that all systems and doctrines are to be discarded that conflict with what is to be found in the Bible, however ancient or popularly supported such systems or doctrines may be.

Today the Christadelphian community –“Brothers in Christ” — is the inheritor of a noble tradition, by which elements of the Truth were from century to century hammered out on the anvil of controversy, affliction and even anguish.

Christadelphians are not, as one famous encyclopaedia has it, followers of one John Thomas, but followers of Christ, even as he and others were. But as, sadly perhaps for a dwindling majority, a widening distance of time separates this new generation from Christadelphian “pioneers”, so appreciation of the furnace through which this faith was refined grows less.

God does not establish truth by the counting of heads, but by the trying of hearts.

Christadelphians are making in this modern age a serious endeavour to uphold the New Testament form of Christianity

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